5.1 Sound with Q Acoustics 2000Ci Centre Speaker Review 2021

Q Acoustics 2000Ci Centre Speaker is part of the Q Acoustics 2000i winning series of speakers which delivers rich and well-detailed sound for a relatively low price. The UK brand, Q Acoustics has received worldwide acclaim from consumers and experts alike for producing economical yet high-quality audio devices.


  • Great impacting sound.
  • High quality built.


  • Softness to bass notes

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Q Acoustics Have Come Up With An Affordable Solution To Achieve 5.1 Sound

The 2000Ci Centre Speaker makes up a flawless combination with the rest of the speaker devices of the 2000i series. 2000Ci Centre Speaker uses advanced driver technology with 100mm bass drivers and a multi-layer cone tweeter with super-decoupling from the baffle of the speakers. It features twin carbon fibre and ceramic paper cone woofer and a ferrofluid high-frequency unit to complement the rest of the Q Acoustics 2000i series speakers.

These features result in rich sound ideal for a home theatre sound system. The terminals for the 2000Ci Centre Speaker do not protrude from the rear side of the device like the standard connection system but are located in a recessed panel for easy placement and wall mounting. Using this innovative design, the speakers can be mounted on a wall using the 2000WB tilt and turn wall bracket from Q Acoustics.

Q Acoustics 2000Ci Centre Speaker has a smooth treble response and detailed sound stage effects. The redesigned crossover and upgraded subwoofer give improved mid-range bass. The coupled bass units provide expansive audio quality and low levels of distortion or noise. The 2000Ci weighs about 6kgs and is available in the standard vinyl finish in graphite and walnut colours and in a black and white glossy finish. It also comes with a five years warranty.

For a low-budgeted centre speaker, Q Acoustics 2000Ci is better sounding than most of its competitors. 

The Q Acoustics 2000Ci Centre Speaker perfectly matches the other speakers in the 2000i series of speakers and delivers a full and detailed performance for not a lot of money.

Detailed, refined and entertaining sound

Removable rear port bungs mean it can deliver its outstanding, seamless performance whether it is bookshelf, stand mounted or wall mounted.

Add an authoritative and clear centre channel and this system starts to seem head and shoulders above the competition.

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