A Guitar For Metal Heads! The BC Rich Mockingbird ST TR Review 2022

The Mockingbird ST TR is from the new line of B.C. Rich guitars. It was made in Korea in the year 2007 and compared to its price tag the guitar comes with pretty good features.


  • Light and durable,
  • Clean sounding,
  • Inexpensive


  • Humming sound when coil taps are used in first channel.
  • Changing strings can be difficult.

Editor Rating


Reasonably Priced High Gain Guitar

The BC Rich Mockingbird ST TR guitar features a neck-through construction and is equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo, Rockfield Mafia pickups, a Varitone knob, coil tap switches, and a reverse phase switch. A 3-way pickup selector, individual pickup volumes, and a master tone comprise the main control on the head. An individual coil tap switches for each pickup and a reverse phase switch.

The Varitone helps to shape up the tone, perhaps most suitable for rhythm playing. However, when coil taps are used on the first channel, they produce a fizz and a humming sound which is one of the cons noted in the guitar. The guitar can produce a good tone albeit time has to be given to it while adjusting the tonal settings. The tuning on this guitar is rock solid, considering it has Floyd rose. And smooth, gentle action, which makes your fingers practically fly over the fretboard.

The B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST TR is pretty solid. The strap buttons are bigger and stable. It does not weigh much so it is good for live playing. The finishing on the guitar is also better than expected.

The guitar plays a satisfactory clean sound. With the right equalizer, the heavier sound can be achieved as well. The only major complaint about the Mockingbird is the knobs that keep getting in the way of your playing. Just hate it every time I hit that knob during strumming, messing with my volume – something you got to watch out for during live gigs! Other than that, the B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST TR would appease most of the musicians of the hard rock and metal genre.

I now have 21 guitars (all hand picked high quality instruments). I must have gotten a good one cause this guitar is perfect out of the box. It plays and can sound like butter, and the EBONY fretboard had a les paul custom feel.

The two Duncan Designed humbuckers are fairly powerful and versatile, though I kinda wish my guitar came with the Rockford Mafias that BC Rich originally spec’d for this model…nontheless, the neck pickup is smooth and clear.

The Mockingbird ST is a great guitar for the price. I purchased the Dragon Blood Red version made in 2011. I am happy that I picked up the 2011 version because BC Rich switched from Maple necks to Mohagony necks in 2012.

The tuning machines are great quality, but I hate the little skinny heads – hard to keep a winder on them. The knobs are too tall – I constantly hit the volume. Have been replaced. At what I paid this was sick deal. With some added electronics and hardware this guitar will rival guitars way above what I have invested.

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