Affordable Floor Standing Speakers: Q Acoustics 2050i Review 2022

Q Acoustics, a British audio system manufacturer, is not afraid to upgrade its speaker devices on a frequent basis. The 2050 floor-standers have been upgraded to the 2050i, which features a more visually appealing design and improved performance. The Q Acoustics 2050i offers consumers to enjoy high-quality sound at a minimal cost.


  • High quality product.
  • Cheap.
  • Outstanding sound results.
  • Impressive design.


  • Polite sound effects on powerful sounds.

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Can The Floor Standing Speakers From The Winning Series Beat Its Expensive Rivals?

The included steel plinth with readily adjustable floor spikes enhances the output of the 2050i both acoustically and aesthetically. Internal bracing keeps the speakers stable, and the inputs are hidden beneath the metal base. The new Q Acoustics 2050i features a 25mm dome tweeter that is exceptionally refined.

The dual 165mm bass drivers with carbon fibre and ceramic-coated paper have replaced the paper/mica combination in the earlier version. The crossover has been updated to account for these changes and cancel noise, while the tweeter has been separated from the rest of the cabinet system to avoid being influenced by woofer vibration.

The speakers come in two standard colours: black graphite and walnut vinyl finish, and black and white piano gloss finish. These figures put the 2050i ahead of several competing floor-standing speakers, which are priced pricier.

The Q Acoustics 2050i produces a cohesive sound with robust bass extension, open middle, and smooth detailed high frequencies. The vocals are crystal clear, and the instrumentals are dynamic. They’re designed for both listening to music and watching action movies.

The 2050i are a terrific addition to one’s home theatre system at a budget price, and Q Acoustics has worked hard to refine the hi-fi speakers. However, some users may believe that songs and soundtracks that require a sharp edge seem courteous and modest on the 2050i.

Surefooted, agile, and delivering an expansive soundstage, these floorstanding speakers are worth every penny.

For a floorstanding speaker with power, refinement and value in equal measure, the Q Acoustics 2050i deserves to be in your shortlist.

These 2050is are an enjoyable pair of speakers and, at this price, are a bargain.

These speakers are also capable of filling a large room thanks to their power and stereo imaging – just spin John William’s Jaws OST if you want a demonstration

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