Are Marshall Major IV On-Ear Headphones Worth It? A Must-Read Review In 2022

Okay, I was searching for headphones to review and came across some made by Marshall. I don’t know about you but I didn’t even know Marshall made headphones, but apparently, they do.

There are a few different colors you can get, brown, black, white, but I was particularly interested in the Marshall major IV on-ear headphones (that means they are very very black as opposed to just black).

A lot of people don’t really care what headphones sound like, just what they look like. I can assure you these headphones look very good, especially if you prefer the rockstar style as you can see above.

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Best Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

VERY long battery life headphones, good for a wide range of music – The sound is pretty decent for a middle-range headphone. It sounds fine when listening to most music, but those seeking headphones for rap/soul/R&B, may find the bass to be a little flat. The battery life is excellent. Very impressed!


  • Excellent sound
  • Look amazing
  • Have a loud volume


  • Flimsy hinge which could break when folding
  • Microphone might not be compatible with strange phone models

Editor Rating


However, if you want headphones that look good and sound good then I may as all go through the specifications and hundreds of user reviews. Firstly I’d point out that there is a 98.9 dB sound pressure level, more than enough to deafen yourself with. Second of all, there’s a 20Hz~20kHz frequency response which is the standard. Impedance levels are 32 ohms which are just high enough to give those high audio levels that I mentioned before but will also help run down your iPod quicker. Also note this will reduce the chances of speaker blowouts, I’ll leave it to you to decide which is more important.

These majorly black Marshall headphones came out years ago, don’t let this put you off! This means they are much cheaper than they were when they came out. Think of all the money you’ve saved! Customers that bought this thought that they were very comfortable unless you have a big head, then I’d suggest you stay away from these. A microphone does come with these headphones in case you receive an incoming call on your mobile or iPhone or whatever you use. However, it does not have a volume control, if someone starts complaining that you’re not loud enough you’ll just have to speak louder.

According to customers, the following tracks sound great on the Marshall headphones

Jimi Hendrix – Excellent
Led Zeppelin – Excellent
Nirvana – Good (Unplugged in New York is bloody brilliant!!)
Rage Against the Machine – Superb
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Excellent
Massive Attack (probably the least rocky of my collection) – Really good

A lot of people that bought these headphones commented on the great sound that they produce, on the other hand, if you don’t carefully fold them the hinge can break.

I really like the sound from these but the screws on the hinge just don’t do the job. I’m so sad… I may buy another pair and hope that they last because they do have excellent sound.

This obviously doesn’t happen to everybody, but it could happen to you. There is a one-year warranty though, you’re most likely going to be covered even if this did happen. Overall the headphones sound great, there are some design flaws too but that hasn’t stopped buyers from buying. They just can’t get enough!

  •  SENSITIVITY [email protected] = 98.9dB SPL
  •  WBCV 92mV

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