Audio-Technica ATH-M20 High-Quality Stereo Headphone Review 2021

Audio–Technica certainly was able to produce a pair of high-quality stereo headphones for musicians with any budget. This amazing piece of equipment is the best buy; it offers the best value for money and sound range capable of competing with higher-end headphones. The company is known to produce items with prices well below their true worth, so don’t let the price tag mislead you as the product has much more value to it than anticipated.

The ATH-M20 is a closed-back headphone, equipped with a comfortable pair of adjustable cups. It’s inner cushioning helps to snug around the ears without being painfully irritating throughout the long hours of studio or practice sessions. The ATH-M20 comes in a sleek black look and is the best fit for home studio owners or musicians looking for closed-back headphone monitors.

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✅ Best Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphone

Worth the money! – Sound quality is excellent. Rich, warm tones with a balanced sound overall. Feels well made. Good seal around ears. Easy to adjust the size. Awesome that it comes with a plug adapter for different uses. Clicks in for a firm hold.


Comfortable. Good value. Lightweight. Great sound. Durable.


Too much ambient noise. Not too good for sound details.

Editor Rating


Unbelievably Low Priced, Best For Home Studios

Audio-Technica has a good reputation with rich bass-producing headphones, the ATH-M20 is one of them. Its smooth frequency response keeps your listening pleasant regardless of how long you’ve been listening to something. It is perfect for home studio and stereo as the sound is warm and rich in nature making the music well-defined. The output is neat, the lows aren’t that powerful but the highs are clear and the clarity is decent enough to be considered for home recordings. However, for professional producers, it might not be as detailed with the sound clarity as they desire.

The ATH-M20 is considered a multi-purpose pair of headphones. With a little sharper focus and transparency, it has moved up a grade when compared to its competitors. It comes with a spring coiled cable that can be stretched and so it doesn’t clutter up space. It’s not a burden on the pocket and so there’s nothing to regret after buying it. The best buy for music fans who like to catch up to the details of the music they listen to and home studio producers or musicians to use as monitors during their jams and practice!

Good value for the money. I bought them for my daughter to use with her dvd player in the car. Quality looks good and they have worked as expected so far.

They feel like they will last a good long time, if taken care of, but still susceptible to punishment, as most of the headphone is made of snap-together plastic.

Using for video and audio recording of live bands. Comfortable with a good sound and cancels enough crowd noise that I can adjust recording levels. Plenty of coiled cord to maneuver.

I mostly use them for watching movies or YouTube on my laptop. The only time use them in the studio is for the artist to hear themselves for overdubs. I have a separate set of headphones for critical listening.

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