Avantone CV12 Review 2022: The Best Modern Microphone For Vintage Classic Sound?

Avantone microphones are considered to have a very durable feeling. The Avantone CV 12 is a tube mic that is modestly priced considering all that it has to offer. Often compared to the vintage tube vocal microphones, the warmth and versatility of this mic are unparalleled to any other in its price range.

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✅ Best Avantone CV-12 Multi-Pattern Large Capsule Tube Condenser Microphone

Phenomenal mic for the home studio – Fantastic and unbeatable for this price, it should cost at least 3-4 times what you get out of it. This is a step up from say an AT 4033 or Rhodes NT1A for sure. No sibilance to speak of, warm overall Charakter. Build quality is first class, uncolored, no extreme high boost, just warm feelings here.

Some microphones are so warm; they are incredibly hard to mix with an HPF. This one however is very natural, a minor grit for emphasis, but is very suitable for mixing. It’s known to thicken up even thin female vocals producing a good fat sound. Its performance is comparable to many of the higher-priced microphones. The Avantone is quite detailed and has a nice height range.


  • Good for price.
  • Produces good warm fat sound.
  • Vintage sounding professional mic.


  • Heats up a little quickly.

Editor Rating

Sound Quality90%
Ease Of Use98%
Worth It?100%

Looking For Classic Sound In Modern Microphones?

Accented with an elegant cabernet wine-red finish, the CV 12 is equipment of choice for many rock musicians. Producer Nathan Chapman used Avantone CV12 to record Taylor Swift’s vocals on her second album ‘Fearless’ and the third album ‘Speak Now. The Avantone CV 12 is a well-constructed piece of equipment. It has 9 pick-up patterns, as a result of which, recording with this mic is very easy and the true sound of instruments is easily captured.

The frequency response changes as you switch across the different patterns. The nine polar patterns can be used to tune in on a custom-tailored sound. The multi-pattern control of the CV12 is much like the vintage C12. It is considered to have C12’s circuit with dual 32mm gold-sputtered Mylar capsules, thus making it sensitive to sounds and capable of capturing even the minute ones, producing accurate sounding professional output.

The CV 12 faces a lot of skepticism, being doubted for professional use. Nevertheless, you will be surprised what Avantone was able to produce within this minimal budget. If you’re looking for a vintage tube mic at an affordable price, then this is your pick! A much-recommended vintage-sounding microphone!

Good microphone. Sounded very good! Processing OK, so very good price performance.

The CV-12 is a real stand out. We only tested with whatever tube came in it though as it’s difficult to swap such things while working on comparisons.

Well, I can say that vocals sound great through this mic and I can finally say that I have my acoustic guitar mic. The CV-12 picked up the room and the sound of the acoustic nicely. Solid mic at a ridiculous price!

Within two hours of reading up on the CV-12, I bought it! There was no way I couldn’t buy it. Everywhere I read, there was not a bad thing people could say about it.

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