Award-Winning Cinema Pack: Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 Review 2022

Q Acoustics has announced their brand new series 7000i, as well as a home theatre sound system bundle called the 7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack, to coincide with the launch of the series. 5.1 audio systems are available from practically every manufacturer, but creating a package that is inexpensive, can be installed and handled simply, and that also sounds fantastic is a difficult task for the engineers to do. As previously stated, Q Acoustics has been effective in modifying their 7000 series since 2011, yielding all of the aforementioned benefits. Because their 2000i series cinema package had received several honours, the 7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack already had a high bar set by both critics and consumers when it came to performance.


  • Great value for money.
  • Stylish design.
  • Excellent sonic performance.
  • Easy installation.


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The New, Easy And Low Priced Home Theatre Solution By Q Acoustics

The 7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack features two pairs of 7000iLR satellite speakers, one 7000iC centre speaker, and a 7000iS subwoofer, all of which are powered by the 7000i amplifier. The combination of the components produces a loud sound. Satellite speakers are compact in size yet perform on par with most speakers in terms of dynamics and soundstage, despite their tiny size. The improved performance of the devices is attributed to the addition of new bass driver units and crossovers. Better woofers use lightweight paper-coated cones with very long throws, resulting in a more resonant audio experience. The treble has been improved with the addition of new ‘Ring Radiator’ components, resulting in a polished 5.1 surround sound experience with the Q7000i.

The subwoofer provides faultless support for the speakers. Combining a well-integrated 200mm High Excursion bass unit with a 150 watt Class D amplifier produces a bass tone that is impressively controlled and finely defined. The subwoofer and loudspeakers have adjustable frequency, volume, and phase controls, and they may be installed in a variety of configurations according on the needs of the users and the size of the space.

A sleek contemporary design, available in two colours: black and white, distinguishes the 7000i 5.1 Cinema Pack as one of distinction and great construction quality. The colour black is becoming more popular since it suits the newest devices and television sets. The speakers have a smooth cylindrical design, which breaks up the monotony of boxed-shaped speakers and makes them more appealing. The gadgets’ outstanding quality is further enhanced by the use of concealed terminals and inconspicuous cable arrangements.

Combining both faultless sound and style, the Q Acoustics Q7000i truly has it all.

The Q7000i is the epitome of understated style.

If you have £900 to spend on a small style-speaker package, spend it here

Its precision soundstage, powerful dynamics and rich deep bass make it the natural choice for both home cinema enthusiasts and discerning music lovers.

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