BC Rich Warlock Review 2022: The Signature Look For Metal Guitars

The traditional and all-famous BC Rich Warlock is already well known in the metal world due to its low price, strong distorted tone, and signature look, which is most commonly used by rhythm guitarists in heavy metal music.


  • Good price, powerful BDSM pickups for great sound.


  • Heavy and lacks a Floyd rose tremolo.

Editor Rating


Low Priced, Shredder’s Dream Guitar

The guitar features a maple bolt-on neck, a classic widowed style headstock, a rosewood fretboard, two knobs (one for volume and one for tone), two humbucker pickups, and a Tune-o-Matic bridge with string-thru-body design. The guitar has a bevelled shape around the ages, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. The maple neck is bolted to the body with four screws. This allows you to change the neck of the guitar in the future if necessary.

Some BC Rich guitars have a flat top, which is also present in the Warlock. The flat-top gives the edges of the guitar a bold and pristine look, as well as a stylized shape. The binding on the flat top gives the Warlock a gleaming and tidy appearance.

The Warlock also has BDSM (Broad Dynamic Sonically Matched) humbucker pickups, which simply means that you’ll get more output and a more powerful sound. The BDSM pickup is advantageous because it aids in the capture of sounds across a wide range of frequencies, resulting in tonal characteristics that are crisp, clear, and balanced. With a good amplifier, you can use the Warlock to play almost any genre of music.

The guitar is also extremely long-lasting. The hardware is sturdy and reliable, and it can be used live. The one thing I like best about the guitar is that it is reasonably priced, and aside from being a little heavy, the overall sound and guitar complement the price. To be honest, there isn’t much to complain about at this price. It’s a very good guitar that’s used by a lot of professional guitarists as well as beginners. However, if you prefer tremolo-based leads, as I do, this may not be your cup of tea. So, if you’re a metal musician or a person looking for a good-sounding guitar that also looks good and is reasonably priced, I recommend the Warlock.

It has a very crisp tone for the rear pickup, and a smooth warm tone for the front. Pinch harmonics on it sound amazing, it screams. .

The body style is a classic look of B.C. Rich, and I love it. Very metal looking.

Great for my style. I mainly play metal and I have to say it’s defiantly shred worthy. It also has some great cleans for you clean people.

I am sure this can withstand live playing, The hardware seems like it will last for many years to come, I take good care of my possessions. If I was good enough to play live I don’t think I would need a backup guitar. I can trust the strap that I use on this guitar, it hasn’t dropped yet at all. The finish is great just straight black and shiny how I like it.

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