Beginner Music Gear: Sonix Drum Kit Review 2022

It is impossible to be disappointed with the Sonix kit’s value for money and tremendous noises!

The all-new Sonix drum set has been improved in response to feedback from consumers and dealer recommendations, among other factors.The Sonix starting drum set is offered in two sizes: the Rock kit and the Fusion kit. The Rock kit is designed for beginners. It has the same snare drums as the Rock version, but it has a smaller floor tom and bass drum than the Rock version.

The Fusion drum set is the favourite choice of young beginning drummers. Both versions are meant to serve as an excellent introduction to drumming for beginning drummers. The kits are available in four colours: black, blue, silver, and red, and the shine in the wrapping adds a dazzling touch to the finished product. The whole set, which includes cymbals, a stool, hardware, and sticks, is available.


  • Decent sound.
  • Solid built.
  • All in one package.


  • Snare wires rattle.
  • Number of lugs on the floor tom are very few.

Editor Rating


As The Market Gets Ever More Competitive, Sonix Puts On A Strong Show For Consideration

Poplar is used in the construction of the Sonix drums, which are medium in hardness. Despite the fact that poplar is a low-cost wood, it is believed to be on par with birch and mahogany in terms of acoustic performance. Sonix drum shells are 6.5mm thick and made of a homogenous six-ply construction, with snare beds added to the sonic side of the drum for increased realism. Instead of the huge rectangular-shaped lugs, a new lug design has been introduced that is considerably less in weight.

Based on the iconic bullet design, they offer the drums a more modern appearance while maintaining their functionality. The quantity of lugs on each drum is commendable, with the exception of the floor tom, which has only six of them around its 16″ circumference, which is disappointing. Remo UT pinstripe-styled heads on the tom and bass drums, as well as a single-ply UT head on the snare drum, are additional prominent features of this set up.

The setup and tuning of the kit are simple, which is a plus considering that this is a beginner’s kit. Inserting damping materials between the fundamental instruments is not straightforward, and everything locks into place without a hitch. The sound produced by these drums is harsh and slap-like, rather than the dry response that is more frequent in other bass drums on the market.

The toms are the most impressive part of the Sonix kit; they give a level of performance that rivals that of many more expensive drum kits on the market. Their response is pure, with no overtones, and this is largely down to the UT heads, which guaranteed that deep, thick notes were present in all three kinds of drums used in the recording. It is impossible to be disappointed with the Sonix kit’s value for money and tremendous noises!

In this hugely competitive part of the market the Sonix kit makes a strong case for consideration

With the exception of a couple of details, the Sonix kit is solidly made and performs well – very well in certain areas.

An astonishingly good drum kit at this price point.

This Sonix Fusion Kit offers performance and stability at a highly competitive price. This drum kit is designed as market entry level, so is perfect for beginners, but includes features normally found on more expensive kits.

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