Behringer MS16 Computer Speaker/ Monitor System Review 2022

I came across the Behringer MS16 monitor speakers, which are designed for use as monitor speakers but also work well as computer speakers.

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✅ Best Behringer MS16 High-Performance Active 16-Watt Personal Monitor System

They Work Great – If you use the the1/4″ mic input on the FRONT, THEY SCREAM, and the bass, treble & volume controls have NO effect. The mic volume level DOES, as well as the controls on whatever you are running it through DO.

The lower frequency response is 80 Hz, which isn’t too bad – I’ve been listening to music and if you turn it up, the bass isn’t what I’d call booming, but it is a monitoring speaker, so you wouldn’t want it too bassy.

It is not an audio enhancer, so it does not make music from your computer sound any better than it does on the average Joe’s PC.


  • powerful, cheap and standard speakers suitable for multiple uses.


  • quiet hum, isn’t magnetically shielded from mobile phones.

Editor Rating


You’ll see reviews from buyers who complained, “I can’t use these speakers at all because the reading they give is so very wrong,” but after owning the speakers, I’d respond, “It appears you’re used to speakers for listening, not monitoring, which requires no effects.” Of course, there are two knobs for adjusting the bass and treble if necessary; this is useful if you are using these as computer speakers because it can improve your listening experience. It also has a direct microphone input and a headphone jack; the microphone jack allows you to mix vocals with a stereo track.

According to the Behringer website, you could even plug your electric guitar into the microphone input, then plug in your headphones and play in private. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t comment on how it’s like. So far, the speakers are appealing; with 16 W of power, they are compact and easy to transport if necessary. You can’t really complain; at 60 quid, it’s a steal, especially since it comes with a three-year warranty, so even if it does break, you’re covered.

One thing I’d like to point out is that the Behringer website states that the speaker is “magnetically shielded for placement near computer monitors,” so how come every time someone walks by, their phone interferes with the speaker? Behringer, this isn’t good enough! You can’t promote a feature that doesn’t exist!

Overall, I’m impressed with the value for money; it’s excellent, bordering on fantastic. It would be fantastic if they didn’t lie about how magnetically shielded it is, but I believe it is genuinely a great multimedia speaker with multiple uses. They do emit a quiet hum, but if you forget to turn them off, I can attest that it is easy to sleepover, so it isn’t a big deal.

  •  Two high-power amplifiers drive the 4″ woofers and the high-resolution tweeters
  •  Front-mounted volume control
  •  Individual bass and treble controls
  •  Two stereo line inputs (RCA and 1/8 “TRS) allow simultaneous use of two stereo sources
  •  6.35mm (1/4″) TRS microphone input lets you mix vocals with a stereo track
  •  Depth external – 241mm
  •  Frequency response lower limit – 80Hz
  •  Frequency response upper limit – 20kHz
  •  Length / Height external – 140mm
  •  Voltage supply – 240V
  •  Width external – 150mm

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