Best Desktop PC Computer For Music Production & Home Recording (2022)

The Apple iMac is the best desktop computer for music production! The most important decision you will have to make in a home recording studio is the Desktop Music Production computer. You can get a desktop computer in either PC or Mac form. In this article, I will concentrate on the Apple version of a music production computer.

Best Music Production Desktop Specs

  • A minimum 2.5GHZ Quad-Core Computer is recommended. Because dual cores just don’t have enough speed compared to a quad-core…
  • At least 250GB of hard drive because you only run DAW’s on your main drive. And your song files on additional drives or on external drives. External drives are best because you can disconnect them.
  • SSD. Having an SSD in your music production desktop speeds everything up. They have no moving parts and are super fast! But more expensive than standard, SATA HDD which is bigger and slower to write than a SSD is.

Best Desktop for Music Production: iMac 27Inch

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✅ Best Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display

Great deal on a 27″ iMac – This is a great machine with one drawback: It ships with only 8GB of memory. For most tasks recommend a minimum of 16GB of memory, but because it’s fairly inexpensive there is no reason to not get more. Use mostly for Adobe Premier Videos and it handles the rendering really well. Worth the price for a reliable machine. Have several Mac’s and they are solid machines and don’t easily get bogged down running robust software.

The 27in iMac with a Retina 5K display is the best music production desktop for musicians because it has a large screen and plenty of RAM.

When working in a studio, the iMac provides an affordable way to obtain a high-end music production desktop as well as the large screen required when working with editing software for high-quality music production. The i5 processors in Apple’s 5K iMac are adequate. Furthermore, music production software consumes a lot of RAM. A lack of RAM is a serious issue in any project. You won’t be able to run good instruments, and you’ll find yourself spending more time rendering and less time doing.

The specifications listed above, as well as the benchmarks in Logic Pro X, indicate that this could be the most powerful music production desktop money can buy.

Do not expect to pay a low price for the best computer for music production. In general, the higher the price of a music production computer, the better it will perform. This is not to say that you can’t find low-cost laptops for music production.

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