Best Cheap Laptops Under $500: Gaming Review 2022

Depending on your budget, you could end up spending anywhere from $1000 to $5,000 on a laptop. The average person spends under $500 for a new laptop. However, when shopping for a cheap gaming laptop in this price range, you have to make some compromises, due to your price restriction.

Moreover, it’s very important to prioritize the features when you purchase a cheap gaming laptop, because this is an investment and you want to get as many features as you can, without going broke.

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What’s more, I have listed several high-quality cheap gaming laptops under $400 on this page for you to consider.

Consider These Factors When Evaluating The Best Laptops Under $500

Cheap gaming laptops must have a decent processor and a solid hard drive to store all of your saved information…

  1. i5 Core Processor: One area where you have to compromise on is processor speed. Also, if you have to settle for a Core i3 processor, that’s still pretty good…
  2. SSD or eMMC Memory: Most sub-$500 laptops use mechanical hard drives if you can get one a Solid State Drive or eMMC storage….
  3. Full HD Screen: Most cheap gaming laptops have low-resolution displays, that allow you to fit a lot of text on the screen at once. Moreover, find a laptop with a screen that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution, you will get much sharper images and videos…
  4. Built durable: If you see a laptop with a soft-touch finish or real aluminum on any of its surfaces, that’s a sign of a good laptop. But, in this price range, you may have to settle for shiny plastic…

The Best Laptops Under $500 Must Have A Powerful Graphics Card And Be To Process All Information

Moreover, the GPU, or the graphics card is the center focus of a cheap gaming laptop. The best laptops for producing music rely on a strong core processor. It delivers the images on your display by processing the data and transmitting the signal to the monitor. Due to how stressful this process can be when running games, you need a discrete GPU with its own dedicated memory. Also, the majority of gaming laptops ship with Nvidia GPUs, but if you’re partial to AMD.

There are certain brands that allow you to configure your system accordingly…

A laptop’s processor performs everything that doesn’t have to do with the graphics, such as some of a game’s, calculations and controlling its non-playable characters…

Moreover, it affects the performance of all of your non-gaming applications, including your web browser, operating system and productivity apps…

Best High-Quality Cheap Gaming Laptop Under $400: Acer’s Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM 15.6-Inch Full HD Notebook

It’s a Great Laptop – Excellent product, simply for the price, does not compare with any other laptop on the market in Mexico currently… Highly Recommended.

Moreover, the best gaming laptop under $400 is the Acer Aspire because its comes with 4Gb of RAM and 1TB of hard drive.

The best gaming laptop under $400 is the Acer’s Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM

It has a bright 1080p display, plus a strong durable body and fast Core i3-powered processor. The Acer Aspire lasts for 8 hours on a charge, thats impressive for any 15-inch laptop. Also, the Aspire E 15 (E5-575-33BM) also comes equipped with 4GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive…

Best Gaming Laptop Under $300: ASUS VivoBook 15

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

✅ Best ASUS VivoBook 15 15.6 Inch FHD 1080P Laptop

Good mainstream/office laptop – A good overall laptop for office duties. Feels very light and responsive. Obviously not for gaming. Screen is little dark, but OK. Good touch pad and keyboard, very small power brick, USB-C, good speakers.

This cheap gaming laptop under $300 has a Intel quad-core Pentium N3700 processor and 4GB of RAM!

The ASUS VivoBook X540SA is the best gaming laptop under $300 because it is much faster than other laptops in this price range. They are noticeably lighter and weigh just 4.41 pounds. This durable plastic laptop is rugged and sleek. Plus, it can easily withstand being carried around from house to house. The battery life is also better than most of its competitors. Plus, some customers have said the run time was of over 7 hours long.

Powered by an Intel Quad Core Pentium N3700 processor and 4GB of RAM, this cheap gaming laptop will easily cope with basic tasks, anywhere.

However, the processor is slightly slower than the Acer Aspire, the GPU is slightly better. However, the Asus is a little to slow to be a good laptop for music production.

Furthermore, if all you want some classic games such as the original Red Alert, Warcraft 3, and Age of Empires 2, then the HD Graphics will be OK. The best laptops for producing music don’t have strong graphics, they depend on fast processing power.

Moreover, if browser-based games are more your thing, then you will easily be able to enjoy these in your favorite web browser. If you are looking for the best laptops for producing music, check out my homepage.

I also have a review page in regards to the best cheap laptop for music production if you cannot afford the best laptop for producing music.

Have fun with your new gaming laptop!

Thanks for reading!

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