Bookshelf Speakers with a modern unique design: Q Acoustics 7000LRi Satellite Speakers Review 2021

Combined with the matching subwoofer their performance is enhanced which comfortably outshines many large size tall floor-standing loudspeakers.


  • Compact design.
  • Flawless syncing with the subwoofer.


  • Lacks bass due to its small size so subwoofer usage is necessary

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Small But Classy Satellite Speakers Have Much To Offer

The 7000LRi Satellite Speakers are compact loudspeakers from Q Acoustics’ latest series 7000i. The UK company has come up with yet another award-winning series that took people by storm last month. The ‘What Hi-Fi’ awarded the Q7000i series the ‘Best Style Package’ of 2013. The 7000i series is brought to the users by Q Acoustics by improving their 2011 line Q7000.  7000LRi Satellite Speakers deliver powerful sonic performance and can be used independently in a stereo system or combined with the matching devices in the 7000i series for a complete home theatre entertainment system.

The 7000LRi Satellite Speakers are cylindrical in shape more like a capsule pill, each of which houses twin 7.5cm long-throw bass drivers connected with a 25mm ring radiator tweeter. They are redesigned with a new crossover as compared to their older version. The result is a faster transient response with vibrant yet natural sound delivery and very low distortion levels. The terminals of the speaker are placed at the base which enables easy wall mounting installation.  As any small bookshelf loudspeakers, these also have limited bass response therefore they are designed to function seamlessly with the 7070Si 8 inches subwoofer.

The sound quality of the speakers is unbelievable considering their small size. Weighing less than 2kgs, they are only measuring a mere 240mm x 100mm x 160mm. However, their full-range hi-fi sound and low distortion levels make them a good choice of satellite speakers for a home entertainment system. Combined with the matching subwoofer their performance is enhanced which comfortably outshines many large size tall floor-standing loudspeakers. They are available in black and white. The 7000i home cinema entertainment package offers five of these satellite speakers for complete hi-fi surround sound.

First and foremost, the 7000i L+R are ‘full range’, true hi-fi loudspeakers, capable of delivering an excellent sonic performance across a wide range of applications.

In fact, the package has been overhauled. It has new drive units and a new crossover in the satellites.

The outstanding dispersion characteristic of this advanced design creates a wonderfully three dimensional sound stage for both music and home cinema, as well as delivering very smooth and detailed high frequencies.

The precision of its dynamic, ultra-low distortion and spacious three dimensional sound will astonish.

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