CB Fusion Review: The Ultimate Drum Kit For Entry-Level Drummers 2021

Of all the beginner drum sets available, CB drum kits stand amongst the best quality kits. They have sturdy hardware as compared to the other cheap quality ones. Because of its durability, you shouldn’t expect it to tremble or starting falling off once done playing on it or after a rough drumming session. Therefore it’s a good standard choice for anyone on a budget.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Durable.


  • Cymbals are average, might need replacing.

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Save Yourself From Entry Level Drum Kits Which Fall Apart After A Few Hits

As usual, there are two sizes of kit available in the CB series – The Rock size and the Fusion size. A Rock kit comes with a 22″ bass drum & slightly larger toms, and the Fusion kit comes with a 20″ bass drum & slightly smaller toms. If the noise is too loud then foam rubber pads called silencer pads could be used to reduce the noisiness.

The CB Fusion is a complete set. It features 3 toms, 10”, 12″ 14″ Floor Tom. A 20″Bass Drum and 14″ Snare Drum. The toms and bass drum heads also come with 6 tuners each. The hardware is sturdy and double-braced. The set includes a snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal boom stand, throne, and a kick pedal. The 3 types of cymbals that come along with the package are: Crash, Ride, and Hi-Hats. It comes with a pair of free sticks and Remo’s head. CB Fusion drum kit comes in 4 different finishes: black, silver, wine red, and grey. The overall finishing of this kit is really beautiful.

This kit can be ideal for rock drummers because of the fuller and lower-pitched sound it produces. But the tone is not extremely fine in the standard set, might need tuning and muffling. It is usually a top choice for drummers because of its value for money and ability to last long.

This Kit is well worth your money

Very easy to assemble, look good and seem to be well built, so far can’t fault them at all.

I’ve had mine for a year and nothing has had to be replaced or has been damaged.

There are literally 100′s of brands of starter drum kits out there & we’ve tried most of them. We’ve stuck with the CB brand for 6 or 7 years now, as many of the cheaper alternatives come with very poor quality drums & hardware.

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