Earbuds For Sport: Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Duro Review 2022

Athletes appreciate listening to music because it helps to keep them motivated and on their toes. However, when their earbuds fall out, it creates a significant disruption to their daily routine. Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Duro is a pair of earbuds that was created specifically to address this issue.

Yurbuds was founded in 2008 by two athletes, Seth Burgett and Richard Daniels, who shared a passion for the outdoors. Athletes will benefit from the tailored services and audio goods offered by this company, which will enhance their overall experience. Yurbuds have risen in popularity among athletes all around the globe in recent years.

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✅ Best Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Duro Plus Cloth Cords Sport Earbuds

Might be a good choice for a runner – If your workout is mostly cardio, these earphones will work perfectly for you. Sound quality is great for a sports earphone.


  • Good athletic earphones,
  • comfortable,
  • lets in noise from the surrounding as a safety precaution.


  • Not good for non-athletes.
  • Sound quality isn’t as great as fully covered headphones.
  • No cable cinch.

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Are Yurbuds the best earphones for athletes?

This innovative set of sports earbuds was created by combining ergonomics, technology, and contemporary design to create an aesthetically pleasing product. TwistLock technology is used to secure the earphones in place by twisting them into the ears and locking them in place. This is accomplished by the use of medically certified silicone material that conforms to the contour of the outer ear canal. Additionally, since the silicone used is perspiration resistant, the Yurbuds will not fall out even when you are sweating profusely or while it is raining. Additionally, the sports earbuds are quite pleasant to use and do not cause discomfort even when worn for extended periods of time.

Yurbuds also come with a built-in microphone and a convenient button for switching between listening to music and accepting calls. This earphone, unlike other earbuds that include a built-in microphone, is completely compatible with Android smartphones. The sound quality is excellent, and the 15mm drivers provide a deep bass that is enjoyable to listen to. However, it allows for ambient sounds, allowing the user to be aware of their surroundings while still conversing with a companion at the same time.

Yurbuds Inspire series is available in six distinct colours, and the pricing is a terrific deal for such a high-quality sports product and a necessary piece of equipment for any athlete!

They do stay in your ears very well but the sound quality could be better for the price. If you plan to use these in a warm setting (eg. sauna) be warned….there’s a metal piece on the cord that gets hot.

I have them, they’re decent. They take some time getting used to as far as comfort.

It took me quite a while to actually get them to lock into place and even when they’re locked in place, they fit loosely in the ear and tend to bounce around when running. There is absolutely no noise cancellation/isolation with these earbuds, so if you’re looking for that, get something else.

I love the wire how its made of a fabric and that it can last long for long workout

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