Emusic: Making The Music Store Digital 2022

Emusic is an online music store where mp3s can be downloaded directly to your computer.

Emusic was arguably the first website of its kind. Created just as the internet was getting big, Emusic’s layout inspires a feeling that invokes going to the music store for the very first time, a feeling that one would almost call retro. To put it simply, the look is nineties-tastic. This being said, the website is professional, easy to use, and crisp.

At its base, Emusic is a music store much like iTunes or any other big brand. However, their business model is a little different: Instead of buying one song or album at a time, users buy a subscription at a flat rate. Rather than buying a few, well-known songs a month as many music fans do on any competitor music store on the internet, users are forced to download a set number, every single month if they want to avoid wasting their money. This, in addition to the fact that Emusic specializes in small record labels, makes for the perfect recipe for music discovery.

One of the best things about going to the music store before the dawn of the Internet was, without a doubt, hanging around and listening to new songs. Emusic takes this idea and successfully makes it digital. If you are looking for a digital take on the old music store, Emusic is the place to go. If you do decide to go with Emusic you can test them out with eMusic’s FREE Daily Download!


  • Emusic is a great way to discover new music on small labels.


  • While Emusic is expanding, it still does not sell the collections of any larger label.

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