Epiphone Gothic 1958 Explorer Review 2022: The Black Beauty

Epiphone has always been associated with Gibson, despite being a less expensive and, some argue, better-sounding version of it. But it all depends on the type of music you prefer.

Explorers were introduced in 1958 and have since become synonymous with hardcore guitars for rhythm players. The Epiphone Gothic Explorer (also known as the Goth ’58 Explorer) is a genuine Epiphone model.

It’s essentially the same as a vintage 1958′ Explorer, but with a satin black finish and a slightly different tone due to the pickups. It’s also available with a double-locking Floyd rose.


  • Fun to play,
  • easy setup,
  • best for budget


  • Unless you have a particular sound preference, there is nothing to complain about really.

Editor Rating


A Befitting Guitar For Metal Heads

Unlike the typical Explorer, which is made in China, the Epiphone Gothic Explorer is made in Korea, and if it helps, the product is later inspected in the United States. The Epiphone Gothic Explorer’s neck and body are made of mahogany. The D-shaped neck makes it easier to wrap your hand around. It has 22 frets, 2 volume knobs, and 1 tone knob, just like any other standard explorer. The tone knob also functions as a stutter switch (also referred to as a killswitch). I think it’s cool that there isn’t a separate stutter switch on the guitar. Because of the cut around the edge of the fretboard and body, making it difficult to reach the end frets, I will not recommend Gothic Explorer as a lead guitar. But, hey, if you want to use it as a lead guitar, you can always practise stretching your fingers out. Gibson designed two passive humbuckers for the pickups. They have a powerful sound and a heavy sound. This guitar is not a low-end instrument; it is well-made and well-equipped.

The Epiphone Gothic Explorer certainly lives up to the company’s claims. It caters to a wide range of tastes, not just metalheads. If you’re looking for a good heavy-sounding guitar on a budget and can get used to (or are already used to) playing it low, this is the guitar for you. Best for rhythm players and a steal at the price!

this guitar is honestly one of the best you will get for the money. set up beautifully, so when i got it i really didnt have to do any sort of set up. i really like the way it feels and plays. very smooth and fast.

I loved the soung but it doesnt beat my schecter with invadors…i would use it for metal. I cant tell the wood but it was a pretty badass guitar. id say you would look like metallica on stage but eh too dark.

Ive had this guitar guitar for about 8 months now, and its great! Beautiful flat black finish, grover tuners, very smooth neck, and with the set neck, its actually really good for reaching the higher frets. The guitar was set up nice, but every one has their own preferences, I set my action higher.

It is a great value, especially if you can pick one up fairly cheap; the Goth series don’t tend to sell well and can often be quite a bit cheaper. I have an ’04 Korean one, and it is fantastically resonant. Mine came with one high fret (the 9th at the low-E end) and after getting that polished away the action goes lower than I am comfortable with before it buzzes.

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