Find Every Music Piece On YouTube 2022: A Part Of Your Life

YouTube is the world’s biggest video hosting website.

Was YouTube created for music? No. But listening to music on YouTube is so much part of life today that anyone who doesn’t is missing out.


  • Nearly everything can be found on YouTube, from the latest hit to little-known favourites.


  • The site was not designed for music, and making a playlist is not as easy as other sites.

YouTube: The Mother Of All Video Websites

YouTube is so ubiquitous that the vast majority of internet users make at least one visit to this site every single day, and that’s not including videos embedded in Facebook, WordPress, or any other 3rd party platform. All in all, according to Alexa, it is the third most visited place on the internet today (after Google and Facebook) with more than (by some estimates) 800m unique visitors per month. Most people already know the gist of these basic facts. However,  few consider how much the world’s largest video-hosting site competes with places to stream music such as Pandora, GrooveShark, or Deezer. Listening to music on YouTube might not be what its creators originally thought people would do, but it has become an essential tool to music lovers around the world.

Of course, YouTube isn’t in direct competition with music streaming services. Most of the time, music found on YouTube is pirated and the copyright owner does not give permission for his or her music to be used. Even so, no party nowadays would be complete without at least one person going online and uploading a video of their favorite song.

The fact that anyone can upload nearly anything (until YouTube takes it down for copyright infringement) means that users can find nearly anything, from the biggest bands in the world, to their own music they recorded themselves. While its playlist-creating function might not be as easy to use as other services specifically created for music, it works. In addition, listening to music on YouTube is one of the key ways people discover new songs. This is because linking to the video service is easier than connecting to other sites. Artists and consumers alike know this, and YouTube’s top rankings have become the new Billboard top 40 called the Youtube Music Awards.

Was YouTube created for music? No. But listening to music on YouTube is so much part of life today that anyone who doesn’t is missing out.

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