Finding A Fashionable Speaker For Your Home Studio? Marshall’s Hanwell Limited Heritage Colourways Speaker Review 2022

Announcing the introduction of Hanwell Limited Heritage Colourways is how the iconic British company Marshall celebrated their 50th anniversary. This line of products is an outstanding part of the Hanwell Anniversary Edition Collection.


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Coloured unique appearance.


  • Expensive

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Hanwell Limited Heritage Colourways Mark Marshall’s 50th Anniversary

Following their tradition of producing limited and unique products, these amplifiers are also one of a kind. As the name suggests, the Hanwell Limited Heritage Colourways are available in colours of green, purple and cream. Delving into colours, they give the amplifiers a powerful visual effect which is perfectly suited for Marshal’s hard rock persona.

The Hanwell has a legendary gold logo and gold piping in the front. The cabinet is covered with a vintage-inspired fret grille cloth. The amplifier features an analogue power switch, a volume knob and bass and treble controllers for tuning adjustments. The Hanwell Limited Heritage Colourways weighs 10.5 kilograms and comes with a double-ended coil cord and two 3.5-mm stereo plugs to connect with the user’s music device. The amps are compatible with all music players which have a 3.5-mm socket. Each of these exclusive pieces comes with an anniversary edition badge to commemorate Marshall’s 50 glorified years.

Over the years Marshall has been known to be loud and makes musicians stand out. The company’s guitar amplifiers are loved by recognised musicians and bands all over the world. The coloured limited edition pieces are ideal for a rock-n-roll Marshall fan. Constructed to achieve the traditional Marshall quality, Heritage Colourways deliver a powerful sound for live music. The two 6 inches long-throw hi-fi woofers yield clear and noise-free music. The Hanwell Limited Heritage Colourways allow the consumer to get the concert-esque anywhere they play music.

These mini amplifiers are the perfect gift for anyone who had a dream of being a rock star.

These limited edition products are intended to be standout pieces in your Marshall collection, with only a handful produced in each color.

The deep dark colours are pretty cool

The Marshall Limited Edition Speakers are a perfect way to allow the average consumer the opportunity to bring the concert home with them.

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