Finding The Perfect Earphone For Outdoor Uses? Skullcandy Inkd Earbuds Review 2022

The Skullcandy Inkd earphones are the ideal travel companion for long flights, jogs, and other outdoor activities. This Skullcandy Inkd earbuds review will address four major aspects of the product: sound quality, durability, value for money, and comfort. Despite the fact that Skullcandy is one of the most acclaimed and renowned brand names out there, the Ink’d (or Ink’d 2) earbuds have received a wide range of responses from buyers.

With their elegant design, excellent sound quality, and lifetime guarantee, the Skullcandy Ink’d earbuds have very little to lose in terms of functionality. It is necessary to consider the price at which they are being provided. Although some customers have suggested that they develop difficulties at an early stage, you can always claim the warranty and acquire yourself a replacement unit at no cost to you.

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✅ Best Skullcandy Ink’d Plus In-Ear Earbud

Epic – Perfect for everyday use. The sound cut out whenever you moved the wire, but that actually went away after a week or two. Perfect budget earbuds.


Bass, Looks, Comfort, Colors, Build Quality, Loud, Comfortable, Affordable, Durable.


Don’t last long, wires or earbuds break.

Editor Rating


Earbuds For Awesome Sound Outdoors

Ink’d earbuds are the most comfortable for travelling since the silicone gel and cushion in the ear buds give comfort while also reducing the discomfort that in-ear headphones are known to cause. This item does not seem to be inexpensive despite its low price tag. It is supplied with a straight flat wire that does not tangle and is thus simple to operate and maintain. It also comes with a volume controller built into the cable; however, the buttons on the controller may not be totally compatible with all of the supported devices. It is well acknowledged to function best with Apple products. The Ink’d earphones provide excellent coverage over a wide frequency range. They may be used with a variety of sounds and are well-known for producing powerful bass. The clarity allows you to distinguish between the high treble notes and the deep bass tones with relative ease. Despite the fact that its sensitivity isn’t very great, it provides competitive performance in this price range. The Skullcandy Ink’d earbuds are a good value for the money since they provide excellent sound for such a cheap price. They may not last as long as you would want for some, but they should be sufficient to justify your investment, encouraging you to spend more and experiment with the higher-end range. If your Ink’d doesn’t last very long, be sure to contact their customer service and claim your warranty!


Decent quality for the price. Ear buds distort if you turn them up frequently. I will spend more next time for better sound.

The clarity is great. Sometime it seems to be it’s over cleared! Mids are also good. You can hear each details of your trackGot a pair of these back in May, and they worked really well. By mid-June, I went to go listen to my earphones, and the left bud wasn’t working. I bought the same ones again, because the warranty was processed very smoothly and professionally.

While I will admit they are comfortable, they worked in stereo for less than 1 hour! After that, the cord required constant “adjusting” to keep stereo sound – almost like the wires inside at the connection point are loose or something.


  • Height 1″
  • Width 1/2″
  • Depth 5/8″
  • Weight 8 ounce
  • Headphone Style Earbud
  • Sound Isolating Yes
  • Ear Cushions Silicone
  • Connector 3.5mm
  • Cord Length 4.3′
  • Product Depth 5/8″
  • Sensitivity 102 dB/mW


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