Get 5.1 Surround Sound With Sonos Speakers: An In-Depth Analysis 2022

Sonos is a Californian electronics company established in 2002 with a focus is on designing and manufacturing wireless hi-fi speakers and audio equipment without compromising on high fidelity sound. 

Sonos speakers have evolved during the past decade and the upgrades to their system are worth appreciating. Over the years Sonos has made a name for itself by manufacturing wireless audio devices with high quality and precision.

They have rarely faced any user complaints about bad product quality or poor sound results. The wireless networking of Sonos devices and its uncomplicated interface has made their products very popular.

Thinking of installing a multi-room audio system seems like a difficult and technical task however Sonos has excluded that from their installation routine and simplified it for their users. Upgrading the Sonos sound system to 5.1 does not come cheap but it is worthwhile for true music lovers.

Sonos speakers are the company’s wide acclaimed products, some of the speakers and their connecting accessories include; Sonos Play 1, Play 3, and Play 5. The Playbar, Sub, Connect: Amp, and Connect are the Sonos audio devices for creating a well-detailed hi-fi sound system.

We have reviewed each of these products independently as well, except for the Play 3 which was introduced by the end of 2012 hence being more advance than its former brother Play 5. The Play 3 is well built and produces clear sound at all levels of frequency and balanced bass and treble. It can be easily synced with other Sonos speakers and controlled via the Sonos app.

From the latest to the oldest Sonos speakers’ versions; Play 1, Play 3, and Play 5 are wireless speakers with superb sound quality. Their common features also include easy setup, wireless networking, and the ability to build up to a sound theatre system. The speakers can be placed in multiple rooms of a house to be played together or individually according to the user’s needs. The Play 1 is Sono’s latest product which is a small-sized, compact, and very affordable speaker as compared to its older versions. The Play 1 yields rich, well-detailed hi-fi sound however due to its small size its drawback is not being able to play heavy bass music as compared to the Play 3 and Play 5. Choosing between the three Sonos speakers depends on your requirement according to how powerful sound you need and how big your rooms are.

The Playbar is designed especially for connecting with TVs. Its 90cm long sleek design allows the user to place it under their television sets and enjoy a high-grade home theater sound system. The soundbar features six mid-range drivers and three tweeters which deliver flawless atmospheric sound.

Next up is the Sonos Sub which adds the perfect amount of bass required for a good sound system. The subwoofer weighs a hefty 16kgs but produces absolutely no vibration or rattling, making it suitable to be placed anywhere in the house. It can connect to other audio devices and enhance the audio output to a great extent by adding rich bass. The Sub connected with the Playbar brings out deeper sound adding an extra dimension to the surround system. This combination digs into the detail of the midrange and well as brings richness to the lows. The Sonos Sub is an expensive but worthwhile addition to an in-house sound system.

The amplifier offered by Sonos is the Connect: Amp. This amp is larger than usual amplifiers and with 55 watts per channel amplifier which produces dynamic sound. It has a minimalist design with only volume control and mute options on the device. You can achieve surround sound by connecting the Connect: Amp and Playbar together using Ethernet cables.

The Sonos line of products also includes a music streaming device, Connect. It has a simplified function of delivering line-level input to other speakers and audio devices of the sound system. It is designed to function in an existing amplifier or other music sources.

All Sonos wireless audio devices are controlled by the Sonos app. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface that allows the user to manage all the Sonos audio equipment functions seamlessly. The app can synchronize the devices together and control them individually as well. The app also combines all the music from different radio channels and music subscription providers like Amazon Cloud Player, Spotify, Pandora, MOG and iTunes to be easily streamed from PCs and smartphones.

The Sonos music system can convert your house into a music player. Whether you are in the kitchen, bathroom or even the garage Sonos speakers can bring music to your ears wherever you are. Their wireless connectivity is great for getting rid of the entangling meshwork of wires. Features like an alarm system can enable the user to wake up to soothing surround sound. However, upgrading the Sonos system to 5.1 can cost an expensive sum for especially a new Sonos user. Their products are elegant and designed only in black, grey, and white but these color tones might not suit all home decors.

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