Get The Vintage Guitar Sound With The Fender Classic: A Review In 2022

Amongst the modern-day guitars, the Fender Classic Player ’60s Stratocaster is an excellent guitar capable of replacing the 60s sounding vintage guitars. Not only is it capable of producing a hard rock tone but its body and build are also quite decent – keeping in view the standard fender look.  

This piece was produced in Fender’s custom shop and the team involved a couple of engineers who were behind the designing of the ‘50s Stratocaster.

The basic difference between the older strats and this one is the additional element of modern playability and the essence of today’s tones to go with the old-school vintage sound. This is just to make it more versatile and popular amongst the newer guitarists who love the vintage sound but want to add in an element of modern crunch as well.


  • Great Feel,
  • Decent Price,
  • Good Tone,
  • Smooth Playing for Leads.


  • Poor setup from custom shop giving fret buzz, Pickup
  • Overall performance isn’t as good as 50s Classic Player.

Editor Rating


Looking For That Classic Sound?

The ‘60s Classic Player Strat sounds lush, shimmering, and full. It provides quite the presence when played live. Fender has its reputation amongst rock and blues musicians already, so it’s no surprise that rock, blues, and classical musicians have got their wallets out for the ‘60s Classic Player. For some, it sounds sweet on the cleaner end but its distortion is a little dull, but that is generally due to the combination of amplifier, EQ settings, and the effect pedals that the player uses with it.

If you don’t have a good rig setup, you might be disappointed. The 12” fretboard radius is a great feature that helps speed up your finger’s movement around the board and the pick-ups are pretty splendid along with the strong neck and body. You probably don’t want to adjust the pickups at the initial stage because it already sounds great. As far as the durability is concerned, this classic player strat would probably be quite comforting, as fenders rarely raise that issue.

If you really want to invest in a classic sounding guitar then this 60’s classic player strat is going to be a great choice to take up. When it comes to playing all kinds of jazz, grunge, rock, classic, or even metal music, this guitar’s versatility befits all. Overall the sound is a bit noisy but this shouldn’t be a problem as the suppressor can fix that.

That’s right! Very Poor Setup! First off, I have been a Fender Stratocaster owner/player all my life, and have been playing for over 30 years. The Custom Shop designed Classic Player ’60s Stratocaster is a great sounding guitar but falls short of expectation due to the poor setup

I play in a classic rock/blues band and solo as a one man rock band. This guitar gives me a lush tone that has upped my confidence level not since I purchased it but since I figured out how to get a great tone out of it.

This is just a great guitar flat out. If you’re considering it, go for it. It’s the best feeling neck I’ve ever played and the sonic blue color is awesome especially of your into the Beatles and Kurt Cobain. Get it! It’s a custom shop 60s fender strat! How could you go wrong?

Pickups sounds great and very “Straty.” Guitar plays smooth and fast. No problem at all with Frets. It’s quite possibly my favorite one (Coming from someone who owns a Kenny Wayne and a Clapton Strat as well).

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