Headphone Maker’s Unlimited Music Service: Beats Music Review 2022

It is certainly worth every cent to subscribe to beats music service, thanks to its newly announced unlimited music service with its distinctive user interface, large song selection, and human-crafted playlist function.


  • Great collection of music
  • Human created playlists
  • Excellent music suggestions
  • Pretty looking app for iOS and Android as well as Windows phone


  • The app is little buggy

Editor Rating



Online music streaming services have seen a significant increase in popularity, with a large number of new companies entering the market as a result of the success experienced by others. Google Music was the most recent entry into the music streaming sector on the internet, although Live365 and Amazon had been in the game for quite some time before Google Music. It is possible that you are dissatisfied with the current services, or that you are seeking for something even more stylish, since the famous headphone manufacturer “beats” has introduced their own music streaming service, called beats music. Let’s take a look at the Beats Music evaluation!

When people hear a song, the CEO of Beats Music claims that computer-generated playlists can only produce the effect of making them say “…sounds like…”, but that their service has playlists that have been created by avid music listeners that cause them to say “…feels like…” after hearing the song. If you pay a tiny monthly subscription of $10, you may stream limitless music to any of your devices. Customers of AT&T may subscribe up to 5 family members for a fee of $15 per month, per line of service. When you join up with AT&T, you’ll also receive three months free.

Beats Music features a database of around 20 million songs, all of which may be downloaded for offline listening. Desktop users may listen to music directly in their web browsers without the need for an app, however users of Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices must download an app in order to utilise the service effectively.

As soon as you log in to your new account for the first time, you are offered with popular options such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, and others. You may create a playlist by selecting the music that you like and combining it with other songs. The playlists that are created are quite haphazard and do not necessarily have to be very excellent. The suggestions for music are generated based on the information you provide on the website. As you continue to use the site, the suggestions seem to get more and more accurate.

I found out that the playlists on Beats Music were made by the same individual that writes for ArjanWrites.com and has generated over 5000 playlists over the course of his career. The playlists are fantastic, and they have been put together with great care. It was even possible to find certain music lyrics that continued into another tune. Many playlists begin slowly and go through a series of twists and turns throughout the course of the full playing.

Beats Music is not a novel idea in any way; we have previously examined comparable music streaming services, but Beats Music seems to offer a unique proposition. Social media services such as Twitter, where we follow celebrities and even our acquaintances, have become popular places for us to interact with one another. In a similar vein, you may follow music artists and so-called “music curators,” who are well-known for their extensive knowledge of musical instruments. It allows users to follow the curators and listen to their playlists using the Beats Music app. The process of putting up your own playlists might be a bit intimidating due to the fact that Beats Music prefers that you see their ideas first rather than going ahead and producing something of your own. For those who wish to look for music, you have the option of selecting tracks from 30 various genres.

One hilarious feature I saw on the site was “activities” such as cooking, exercising, working, and so on, each of which had a collection of music tracks that would be appropriate for the respective activity! The Beats Music streaming service would be a much superior alternative for individuals who are used to the “computer produced” playlists of Pandora, and who are switching from Google Music.

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