Headphone Maker’s Unlimited Music Service: Beats Music Review 2022

The newly released unlimited music service with its unique user interface and a huge collection of songs along with its human crafted playlist feature truly make beats music service worth every penny!


  • Great collection of music
  • Human created playlists
  • Excellent music suggestions
  • Pretty looking app for iOS and Android as well as Windows phone


  • The app is little buggy

Editor Rating



Online music streaming services have been on the rise with so many players jumping into the game after looking at the success many others had! Google Music was the latest addition to the music streaming business on the internet, whereas Live365 and Amazon had been in the game for quite some time. If you are not so happy with the existing services, or if you are looking for something even sleekier, then the popular headphone makers “beats” have brought their own music streaming service – beats music. Let us dive into the Beats Music review!

Beats Music CEO claims that the computer-generated playlists can only create the effect which makes people say “..sounds like..” whereas their service has playlists which are created by avid music listeners which make people say “…feels like…” after hearing a song. For a small fee of $10 a month, you can have unlimited music on any of your devices. AT&T customers can pay $15 and have up to 5  family members subscribed for the service. AT&T users also get 3 months free when they sign up.

Beats Music has about 20 million songs in its catalog and can be downloaded for offline listening. Desktop users can listen to music in their web browsers without an app, while Windows Phone, iOS, and Android can download an app to use the service.

In the beginning, when you first log in to your new account, you are presented with popular choices such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc. You can choose the music that you like and combine it into a playlist. The playlists generated are kind of random and do not necessarily have to be so good. The recommendations for music come from what you enter on the site. As you begin using the site, the recommendations seem to get better and better.

I came to know that playlists on Beats Music were created by the same person who writes for ArjanWrites.com and has compiled about 5000 playlists. The playlists are wonderful and are compiled very thoughtfully. I even found some music lyrics continuing into another song. Many playlists start off slow and take twists and turns along with the entire playtime.

Beats Music is not a new concept at all, we have already reviewed similar music streaming sites before, but Beats Music seems to be something different. We have been socially engaged online on sites like Twitter, where we follow popular celebrities or even our friends. Similarly, you can follow music artists and the so-called “music curators” who are known to have good knowledge about sounds. Beats Music lets its users follow the curators and listen to their playlists. Compiling your own playlists can be a little daunting task because Beats Music wants you to see their suggestions first instead of you going ahead and creating something of your own. If you want to search for music, you have the freedom to choose songs from 30 different genres.

One amusing thing I saw on the site was “activities” such as cooking, running, working, etc. which had a bunch of music tracks that would suit the corresponding activities! For those coming from the “algorithm generated” playlist world of Pandora, Google Music would find Beats Music to be a much better choice in comparison.

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