How To Get Caught While Pirating Music Online? 2022

When the online sharing business became very popular late in the last decade, the entertainment industry furiously took measures to stop people from downloading free stuff. Torrents and peer-to-peer networks are the most popular means of pirating movies and music files. One search in the torrent engine will give you a huge list of stuff to download for free. One person can buy the music legally and upload it online for the rest. Doing so has resulted in the industry seeing less profit from the content they produce! As a stop to this, they have taken help from the government.

Over the past two years, new legislation like SOPA and PIPA have been passed to boost the copyright law enforcement powers of the government. As a result, it has allowed the government to take various measures which were not possible before.

A few reports from various sources have shown the method used by the FBI to catch the downloaders. The authorities set up a file and upload it to the torrent trackers. Those who download that file will immediately have their IP addresses logged in the database. An IP address can easily lead to the ‘pirate’. FBI used Thepiratebay to conduct such activities and has arrested several people so far.

An even more effective way to catch all the “downloaders” is to implement a scanning system at the ISP end. All ISPs have been given the right to deep scan the packets to detect possible file downloaders. They are recorded on the system and are warned by the ISP through letters or emails. The controversial three-strike system implemented in the USA is the same thing that we are talking about. If you get three warnings, the ISP could terminate the customer’s service and he could get blacklisted. It would be very difficult to scan every user, so the ISPs monitor the bandwidth used by each user. If a certain user consumes too much bandwidth then it is very likely that he would be monitored closely.

To overcome the losses incurred by piracy, music creators have resorted to providing free music through services like YouTube, Spotify, and various other cloud streaming services. These websites make the listeners see ads through which they earn their money.

The methods to curb piracy can always be circumvented by some means. IP address, as we know is like a footprint on the internet. If we change the IP address, it would mislead the person trying to track us down. VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are such networks that route all your internet data through a different IP address which could be located halfway around the globe. TOR network is a popular service that helps users hide their online footprint by routing their data through a series of relay servers. Additionally, the data is also encrypted which makes it difficult for anyone to see what is being transferred.

The fight between the Torrent sites and the entertainment industry will continue until some new way is found which would make both sides happy!

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