How To Get Your Music Out With TuneCore? 2022

TuneCore is a technology that allows musicians, large and small, to distribute their music to a broad range of online music shops and streaming services using a single interface.


  • TuneCore gives independent artists the ability to place their music on a number of online retailers.


  • People that do not know how to run their own marketing shouldn’t hope to get big. Even though people can buy your music online, it doesn’t mean they’ll hear about you.

Distribution And The Fall Of The Label

TuneCore and other similar companies are the reason why conventional record labels are going out of business all over the world. Because mixing software and recording equipment are getting more inexpensive with each passing year, artists are no longer need to collaborate with a huge corporation in order to bring their goods to market. Instead of working in a huge recording studio, artists may easily build their own studio and mix their own music, saving money and time. As an alternative to having their songs printed and distributed by a record company, artists may sell their music on the internet.

TuneCore is a music distribution platform that was established in 2005. Artists may use their services to distribute anything from a whole album to a single song or even a ringtone by buying one of their packages. A full year of distribution on iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, and other online music destinations costs anywhere from $26.99 to $9.99, depending on the platform. The cost of having an album professionally mastered is $75.00 for musicians who possess musical talent but lack technical proficiency on a soundboard.

Creating an account on the website is quite simple, and the payment methods are very straightforward. The moment you log in, you will be able to see precisely what is available and how much it will cost to purchase it. One of the most fascinating items that TuneCore provides is one hundred plays on Internet Radio, which is one of the company’s more unique offerings. They may choose their target demographic and even get daily feedback on their listening habits, if they so want.

TuneCore has received favourable media publicity in the past due to the fact that it has been utilised by certain well-known celebrities. After everything is said and done, it’s a fantastic method for musicians to make their music more accessible to listeners, but it may not be the best approach for them to get their name out there. Then then, no one at TuneCore ever claimed that their service would accomplish such a feat. TuneCore is excellent in terms of distribution from a purely technical aspect.

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