How To Get Your Music Out With TuneCore? 2021

TuneCore is a tool that artists, big or small, can use to distribute their music to a wide variety of online music stores and streaming services.


  • TuneCore gives independent artists the ability to place their music on a number of online retailers.


  • People that do not know how to run their own marketing shouldn’t hope to get big. Even though people can buy your music online, it doesn’t mean they’ll hear about you.

Distribution And The Fall Of The Label

Outfits like TuneCore are the reason why traditional record labels are going bust around the globe. Now that mixing software and recording equipment are becoming more affordable every year, musicians are no longer obligated to work with a large company to come out with their products. Instead of working in a large recording studio, musicians can feasibly create one of their own and mix their own music. Instead of having the label print and distribute their songs, artists can sell their music on the Internet.

Founded in 2005, TuneCore is a music distribution platform. By purchasing one of their packages, artists can distribute anything from an entire album to a single song or even a ringtone. For a full 12 months of distribution on iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, and other online music destinations, prices range from $26.99 to $9.99. Artists with musical ability but no skill on a soundboard can get their albums professionally mastered for $75.00.

Signing up for the website is extremely easy, and the payment options are quite clear. As soon as you log in, you are able to see exactly what you can get and for how much. One of the more interesting products that TuneCore offers is one hundred plays on Internet Radio. Artists can indicate their target audience and even get day-by-day feedback on listening habits.

TuneCore has, in the past, gotten some good media coverage, as some pretty big names have used the service. This being said, it’s a great way for artists to make their music more accessible to fans, but it might not be a great one to get their name out there.  Then again, the people at TuneCore never said that their service would do that. From a simple distribution standpoint, TuneCore is spot on.

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