How To Increase Audio Resolution? An Introduction To Vibration Control 2022

Vibrational energy that harms audio equipment can come from a variety of sources, including music from speakers, footsteps, a spinning CD platter, electrical current in wires, transformers, and tubes. There are two ways to reduce the impact of these effects on audio reproduction: 1) Isolate the component from external vibrations; and 2) drain internal vibrations from the component.

Plastics, rubber, cork, granite, ceramics, air, and even magnetic fields are the most commonly used forms of isolation. These materials come in a variety of sizes and shapes and do exactly what they are supposed to do: “isolate.” External vibrations (people walking, doors closing, and sound energy from nearby speakers) are prevented from entering the equipment by isolation equipment. These techniques also isolate internal vibrations in audio equipment.

The goal is to eliminate internal vibrations while also isolating the component from external noise. The solution is to connect the audio component’s chassis to a vibration sink. The vibration sink (stainless steel) increases the surface area of the chassis to conduct and dissipate vibrational energy, similar to how a heatsink in a computer increases the surface area to dissipate thermal energy.

The chassis of an audio component is typically made of steel or aluminium. Because vibrations travel the fastest through dense metallic materials, connecting the component with a stainless steel block to a larger stainless steel plate is ideal for conducting and draining internal vibrations into the platform. Because the goal is to convert energy into heat, the steel plate is insufficient on its own. The vibrations will be converted into heat by coupling the steel to a laminate of several less dense materials.

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