How To Learn Music At Home? ArtistWorks: The Online Music School You’ll Need In 2022

ArtistWorks is an online music school that manages to combine video music lessons and the internet’s power.

Artistworks: An Online Music School For Everyone

We are living in a time of discovery. Since the invention of the printing press, society has not been so transformed. We live in a time when books are less important, but words are becoming more important. In a nutshell, the Internet era is rapidly changing everything. Finding information and learning, for better or worse, require less and less human interaction. On the other hand, the amount of information we can easily find – the amount of things we can easily learn – has increased exponentially. The age of online music schools has arrived for aspiring musicians.

The concept isn’t particularly novel. Since the days of Betamax, people have been disseminating music lessons on video. Customers anywhere in the world could learn a wide range of instruments from a reputable instructor in the comfort of their own home by simply purchasing a tape. ArtistWorks, on the other hand, takes this concept to the next level. Instead of purchasing a single set of lessons for a set price, users can purchase a monthly subscription to access literally hundreds of them. Whether the goal is to learn the guitar or the slide trombone, ArtistWorks has what it takes to help anyone learn.

ArtistWorks’ most serious flaw is a lack of genuine human interaction. While this online music school is significantly less expensive than other options, people sometimes require a little more than a computer screen to efficiently learn any new skill. Because all of the videos are available online, the timing may be more convenient for some. Furthermore, the range of instruments taught may be broader than that of the local tutoring community. This website, however, will not assist anyone who lacks the motivation, commitment, and patience to take responsibility for their own learning.


  • Learning online is convenient and, oftentimes, more affordable than other ways to learn something.


  • As in all online endeavors, there isn’t any true human interaction.

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