How To Listen To Music For Free In 2022? 7 Online Music Platform You Should Try In 2022

Only a few years ago, consumers used to purchase tangible copies of their favourite or most anticipated music releases from record stores. There was a thriving music rental sector that was open for business throughout the year. It was impossible to have predicted that such a large and demanding market would be brought to its knees by the internet! As you are aware, you may now purchase your music online and have a copy downloaded to your device.

In all seriousness, that has also gotten too old fashioned! It seems that individuals are increasingly preferring to stream music online rather than download it, according to current trends. Purely for the reason that there is an increasing amount of accessible bandwidth, so why not take use of it? Aside from that, there has been an increase in the number of music streaming websites, which enable you to listen to any song that you choose. We will go through a few of the more popular ones that are now available to provide some musical entertainment for your ears.

In my search for a good music streaming site, I seek for characteristics that will improve my online listening experience. When I am searching for a good music streaming site, I check for particular features that are unique to that website. First and foremost, I do not want to spend money on a purely recreational activity. Second, I don’t want any audio commercials or pop-ups in my music, since they may be really bothersome. In addition, advertisements may take up a significant amount of bandwidth, which can be detrimental if you are streaming music on your smartphone while connected to a mobile data network. To round off my wish list, I’d want the opportunity to make playlists that include some of my favourite music. The following websites are included in my list of free music streaming sites so that you may listen to music for free:

Several of the industry’s titans are thought to be serving more than 10 hours of music each minute on their platforms. It began as a music-sharing website and has since grown to become one of the most popular destinations for both artists and casual listeners. It allows for a great deal of customization for the user, which is one of the factors that has enabled it to grow to such an enormous size.

The website was one of the most rapidly growing streaming music websites, and it has proven to be a significant game-changer in the music business since since iTunes took control. Pandora used to provide music to people all over the globe, but a new licencing structure has limited the service to those in the United States alone.

There’s a music search engine that never returns the “not found” error message. It looked through a variety of sources and presented you with the music you were searching for. In a moment, we’ll go through this in further depth.

One of the more established names in the music streaming industry. In comparison to only a few years ago, the situation has drastically changed. is not the best website to use, in my view. There are other websites to use instead.

Although this is an excellent internet radio website, it has intrusive audio advertisements. There is always fantastic music playing in the background. For many individuals, Live365 has remained a highly popular music streaming choice throughout the previous several years because of the large variety of genres available on the service.

The two of my most favorite websites are reviewed for you below. is a great music streaming site. When you load the website, you are presented with some of the popular, trending songs of a huge list of artists. Just click on any one of them and you are set. It gives you the facility to log in with your Google account and then create playlists of your favorite music. If you have got account, then you can also get music recommendations on the website.


  • There were no advertisements on the website.
  • You can search in different sources from a single interface. (Youtube, Soundcloud, User uploads, playlists). I liked this feature very much, because you never get that annoying “not found” error. There is always something for your ears!
  • Extremely simple interface and gets you listening to your music without asking you login and wasting further time.


  • The only bad thing I found about this site is that it is not at all meant for smartphones. That is why, you cannot use this website when you are away from your laptop or a desktop.


Grooveshark is another great online music streaming website having an awesome interface that is easy to use and has great features which make it very pleasant to use. Grooveshark has let to create two types of accounts depending on who you are, an artist or a listener. A listener account can let you create playlists or broadcast your playlist through a broadcast page. Pretty useful if you like to listen to music together with your online friends.

Although, an artist’s account is completely different. Have you ever wondered how do these music artists earn their money when all of their music is available to us for free? The answer is simple, ADVERTISEMENTS! Many artists have uploaded their entire albums and music compilations for people to listen. For every view on their page, they get some amount of money from the adsense revenue sharing program. This is similar to the Youtube Partner program, although Grooveshark is a website dedicated solely to music.


  • Easy to use interface with lot of features
  • Ability to share your playlists with your friends
  • Great website to discover new artists and explore a variety of songs
  • It has an optimised interface for smartphones, which is a great thing
  • Allows artists to monetize their art


  • I did not find much that I would dislike except for the fact that there were advertisements which can become annoying at times

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