How To Make Beats: Tips To Produce Music Like A BadA$$ Producer – Beginner Guide 2022

Start With Music Creation Software: DAW

The Holy Grail of how to make beats quickly and easily is DAW software. There are numerous aspects to creating laptop music, and this article will demonstrate the software required to create your own beats. The majority of music production software includes pre-loaded samples.

Learning to make your own beats can be difficult at first. This article on how to make beats, on the other hand, will break down the information you’ll need and make it simple to understand. So, first and foremost, you will require music production equipment. You will need good (DAW) software as well as a MIDI controller.

Both MAC and PC are capable of doing the job well. Furthermore, the debate over which is superior boils down to which one you are most familiar with. Personally, I prefer the Macbook, but you can’t go wrong with either choice. Both are excellent music production laptops.

Choose The Right Digital Audio Software

Choosing the right digital audio software is critical for this step. Get it right, and you’ll be producing tracks in no time. A digital audio workstation (DAW) is software that allows you to create, edit, record, and playback music on a computer. Furthermore, the DAW is where you can create your own beats.

Money isn’t an issue here because the DAW software listed below is all free. Simply click the link to learn more about the software. These programmes teach you how to make beats online quickly.

  1. Apple GarageBand
  2. Tracktion T6
  3. AmpliTube Custom Shop
  4. MDrummer Small
  5. Klevgrand SyndtSphere

My favorite is Apple GarageBand

Apple has done an excellent job in developing the ideal music production software for beginners. Despite the fact that each song can only have 255 tracks, GarageBand is a powerful and user-friendly programme. This software appears to be improving with age. Learning how to make beats takes up a lot of space and will deplete the storage and memory on your computer. As a result, make sure you buy a music production laptop with plenty of RAM. Furthermore, you will require at least 4GB of RAM, but I strongly recommend 8GB or more.

Learning how to make beats is simple if you purchase the right DAW software from the beginning, make sure your DAW software has these features:

  • MIDI — If you are using a USB keyboard, make sure that your DAW software can edit MIDI files. keyboards always come with a USB port. You can plug it right into your computer and record your performance to MIDI…
  • Mixer — Most all DAW software comes with a visual, virtual mixer. This is standard…
  • Loops — A library of sampled phrases is handy when creating your music. For example, you can create a drum track by dragging and dropping the prerecorded drum performances (loops) to the timeline.
  • Virtual Instruments — Samples of real instrument sounds are needed to record awesome tracks. Record a track with your keyboard into MIDI,  then have the computer playback that performance with a new rap beat, or rockstar guitar solo.
  • Timeline Window — This is where you record your performances. You can choose to view as Time Code, or as Beats and Bars. All recording software should have this feature…

Plugins: Additional Support Programs

Plugins enable extras such as studio technology, sample instruments, and other effects required to begin making your own beats…

But wait, there’s a catch. Paid software provides more options. Because there is no free software, you must select the system that best fits the style of music you are recording. Most programmes can be easily downloaded from there; it’s mostly plug-in and track production. If you want to make your own beats, it will take you about a month to get the hang of it! These will, however, be demo-quality recordings. You can promote them on social media, but don’t expect them to be on par with professional rockstar production. To do so, you’ll need to advance to the next level and purchase a mixer to mix your tracks. Furthermore, by playing your tracks and when the time comes, you will improve musically. You’ll have great demos to play for the engineer when you get to the studio.

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Thanks for reading!

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