How To Make Money On Youtube With Music? 3 Steps To Start Off Your Business In 2022

When Google purchased YouTube a few years ago, it also brought with it its own advertising system, which allowed content producers to make some money by permitting adverts on their channels and videos. Because it was so similar to the current Google Adsense system, it was essentially simply an extension of that system, according to the company. Numerous artists and content producers have completely relied on YouTube as their major source of income during the last few months, and this is expected to continue.

As people’s reliance on internet media grows, tangible media such as CDs are seeing a decline in demand. Music sharing through peer-to-peer networks, such as torrents and other file-hosting sites, was also introduced into the music business during this time. So far, internet copyright rules have had a limited impact on unauthorised file sharing, but there is still room for improvement. After years of trial and error, the music business has discovered that it is better off letting customers listen to music for free! To hear that comment is startling, yet that has been the general tendency for quite some time.

YouTube: A Small Introduction

At the moment, YouTube is the most popular website, as well as a search engine for finding material such as music and videos, or even music videos! When I was younger, people used to purchase CDs or download music from iTunes and then post it to YouTube for other people to listen to, but that was only three or four years ago. Music sharing become much more convenient as a result of this! The music business took note of this, as well as the enticing “AdSense” option, and almost immediately, well-known music publishers began uploading their original music albums to YouTube with adverts enabled, thereby establishing a new precedent.

Because YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, it is inevitable that the material presented on its search results pages will get a great number of visits from people. Visitors will find you immediately if they publish some intriguing, unique material to their website, which is all they have to do.

The music video for PSY’s Gangnam Style had over one billion views, generating around 1.5 to 2 million dollars in income! On YouTube, it is impossible to go undetected if you are posting popular music videos or high-quality music. The only thing you have to do is employ some kind of advertising to get the word out about your products. Let’s look at how to make money on YouTube with music if you’re a music producer and want to learn more. This applies to individuals who create stuff other than music as well as to musicians. All that is required is that the content you post is unique.

There’s this fantastic feature called “Content ID” that allows creators to receive money if their track is used by someone else. The YouTube ad system automatically deducts a portion of the money made by a third-party user who has chosen to utilise your audio track in their video advertisement. The originator of the Harlem Shake made a lot of money in this manner!

Setting Up Your Own Youtube Adsense Account To Earn Some Money

Step 1: If you already have a YouTube account with some material uploaded to it, it will not take long for Google to send you an email stating that you are “qualified to make money via Adsense.” Step 2: If you already have an Adsense account, you will not need to do anything more. Before you can start earning, you must first connect your current Adsense account to YouTube OR you may register a whole new account only for YouTube.

Go to the Features area on the left and you will see something similar to this: If you go to your current Monetization settings, you will see something similar to this:

Locate the monetization button, which can be found under the channel settings and in the ‘Monetisation’ page of the channel settings.

An option to add an AdSense account may be found in the section under “Monetization.”

Step 2: After you have signed up for the account, the moment will come when you will want to actually post your advertisements on the video. You must submit each video for revenue sharing, and YouTube will determine whether or not you may utilise that particular video in your campaign. There are stringent standards that must be followed in order to decide whether or not your film may be utilised to generate cash. It must be unique and should not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights.

Click to monetize your videos.

Step 3: You will also have the option of selecting the kind of advertisements that will be featured on your videos and the locations where they will appear. Depending on how lengthy your video is, they might display on the side of the video, above the movie as little pop-ups in the video player, or as a whole interstitial film that plays before the video begins or at regular intervals during the video if your video is too long.

Choose your desired Ad type to appear in your videos.

YouTube Playbook

YouTube also includes particular features for music publishers and artists’ channels, in addition to the standard functions. The Youtube Playbook is a term used to describe a set of guidelines for creating videos on YouTube. This is a tool that assists artists in optimising their YouTube channel in order to obtain a larger audience, attract new subscribers, draw the attention of viewers in order to get them to watch your video, and so on. Such innovative improvements have the potential to make a significant impact in the long term.

The playbook may be examined in depth from their official “Playbook guidelines,” which are a collection of pdf papers that assist artists in optimising their YouTube channels for music, sports, media, education, and other genres of content. Due to the fact that each has its unique set of criteria as well as a distinct target audience, the optimizations performed will be distinct from one another. To learn more about how to improve your YouTube channel, see their Music Playbook tutorial. This will allow you to start drawing new users right immediately.

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