How To Publish Your Music Online? Amazon CreateSpace Review 2022

Book, music, and movie publishers may use Createspace to publish their works.

Putting Words To Print

The phrases “self-publishing” and “vanity publishing” are synonymous for a reason: the vast majority of the material that results from this practise is mediocre at best, with the person who is most enthusiastic about it being the one who paid to have it produced in the first place. While things have altered significantly with the advent of the Internet and the demise of conventional media distribution strategies, self-publishing remains a risky endeavour that seldom pays off in terms of financial reward. To be honest, most individuals aren’t the next Walt Whitman in the making. But those who are committed to get their work printed, no matter how expensive it may be, will be more likely to do so regardless of what the critics think. It is for this reason why companies such as CreateSpace exist today.

In exchange for filling out forms, users are urged to publish their own books, DVDs, LPs, and other media. Create Space generates money by charging a predetermined cost for printed work in addition to collecting 15% of the sale price from each item sold. For example, a CD retailing for $25.00 would net an artist $16.30 per unit sold after CreateSpace deducts its $4.95 fixed charge and $3.75 for its 15 percent royalty split from the sale.

Given the fact that Amazon is its parent business, the corporation has considerable trust within the sector. In addition, celebrities such as Patti Davis (Ronald Reagan’s daughter) and George Takei have utilised CreateSpace to publish their books. The fact that your book will be distributed to all of Amazon’s online stores is perhaps the finest aspect of publishing with CreateSpace (the Kindle store,, etc). To put it another way, although self-publishing will always be a hazardous endeavour, doing it via CreateSpace is unquestionably one of the safer options.


  • While self-publishing is always risky, doing so with Amazon’s Createspace might just be the safest bet.


  • Like all firms offering people the chance to self-publish, Createspace gives potentially unrealistic expectations to it’s customers.

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