How To Publish Your Music Online? Amazon CreateSpace Review 2022

Createspace is a place for people to publish their books, music, and movies.

Putting Words To Print

The terms “self-publishing” and “vanity-publishing” are synonyms for a reason: most of the media that come from it is pretty awful stuff whose biggest fan is, usually, the one putting up the money to get it printed in the first place. Even though things have changed slightly with the dawn of the Internet and the decline of traditional media distribution models, self-publishing is still a risk that rarely pays off. Let’s face it: most people aren’t the next Walt Whitman. However, people who are determined to get their work printed no matter what the cost will be inclined to do it regardless of what the critics say. It is for this reason that firms like CreateSpace exist.

Users are invited to publish their own books, DVDs, albums, and other media by filling out forms, Create Space makes its money by charging a fixed fee for printed work plus taking 15% of the selling price. For example, a CD selling for $25.00, after CreateSpace takes its $4.95 fixed fee as well as $3.75 for its 15% royalty share, would garner a musician $16.30 per unit sold.

The fact that Amazon is its parent company gives it a good deal of credibility in the industry. In addition, CreateSpace has been used by big names such as Patti Davis (Ronald Reagan’s daughter) and George Takei. Perhaps the best part of publishing with CreateSpace is a distribution to all of Amazon’s online outlets (the Kindle store,, etc). In other words, while self-publishing is always going to be a risky business, doing so with CreateSpace is definitely one of the safer bets.


  • While self-publishing is always risky, doing so with Amazon’s Createspace might just be the safest bet.


  • Like all firms offering people the chance to self-publish, Createspace gives potentially unrealistic expectations to it’s customers.

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