How To Stream Music Online With Deezer In 2021? Is It A Good Platform?

Deezer is a music streaming service based out of France. The company may no longer be in the zeitgeist, but it has still got the goods.


  • Deezer can be used straight from a browser and it’s library is bigger than it’s competitors.


  • They haven’t come out with anything really new for the past few years.

Deezer was first created in Paris in 2006 and quickly became the European standard for online music streaming.  Their library boasts a grand total of about 20 million songs, and reviews from all over the world praise how diverse Deezer’s selection is (this user brags about how he could find local music from his country in the Balkans). Users that look for even the most obscure of artists won’t be disappointed, as Deezer truly does its best to have as big a variety as possible.

Their website is extremely easy to use. Signing up isn’t more complicated than any of their competitors, and new users enjoy 6 months of as much ad-supported music as they can listen to.

Nothing can touch Deezer on its home turf (France) but the company’s competitors have been making gains against it globally. Not only has Deezer’s reluctance to enter the US market shut itself out of a very large and profitable consumer base, but the company really hasn’t changed much at all since it came out. Of course, there isn’t a lot of real innovation to be done at the moment in the online music streaming market; its competitors basically offer the same product with a different skin. However, it seems that people are getting bored with Deezer and are looking for something newer and hipper. If you’ve never tried Deezer before and live in a market where it exists, give it a shot. The company may no longer be in the zeitgeist, but it has still got the goods.

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