Is Google Play Music Good? Challenge In Using This Music-Streaming Platform In 2022

Google Play is a hybrid of music streaming services (such as Spotify, Deezer, or Grooveshark) and a music store (such as iTunes).

To Play Google Play Music, Or Not To Play?

Google is an unusual company. They not only produce some of the web’s most useful tools, but they also produce some of the web’s most spectacular duds. Google Play appears to be one of these failures. To play Google Play Music, you must be willing to take on a challenge. The website itself is perplexing; it has a plethora of menus that, in theory, allow you to search for music based on genre, popularity, or what you’ve added to your own lists. It also includes a list of movies and other media that can be purchased.

However, if you want to listen to music for free, you’re out of luck. Google Play’s music streaming service, officially known as Google Play Music All Access, is about as simple to use as saying ten times fast. While they do provide a free version of the service (dubbed “standard”), users must provide their name, address, and credit card number in order to access it. Once users arrive, the music selection is comparable to any other, simpler, music-streaming platform, albeit slightly smaller.

The ability to upload up to 20,000 songs to your username and stream them to any Android device is something Google provides that others do not. However, given that Android devices with streaming capabilities can probably access all of that music via most other services, pulling this product out of the mud doesn’t do much good. Google appears to be making its first foray into the music streaming world and getting lost in the woods. Let’s hope that the next time the company decides to go exploring, they bring a map with them.

Try saying “It’s simple to use Google Play Music All Access,” and you’ll see what I mean.


  • Technically, you can buy music on the site as well as listen to it.


  • You can’t listen to any music unless you give a credit card number- even if you are using the free, standard package.

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