Is Pandora Internet Radio Good For Streaming? The Pros & Cons In 2021

Pandora is one of the first internet radio services to offer self-generating playlists based on user preferences. Pandora knows what it’s doing. If you live in a place where it is available, use it.

Pandora, first launched way back in January of 2000, was arguably the very first place to offer internet radio as we know it today. Even though it’s only available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, the concept the people working there came up with was genius: Pandora would avoid the pitfalls experienced by the likes of Napster and BearShare by not allowing users to listen to whatever song they like.

A Personalized Radio Station

Instead, anyone could create their own, personalized radio station. Doing so is simple: enter a style, a song title, or a band into their search engine, and Pandora finds songs that were similar. If a user doesn’t like a song (or really enjoys it), he or she can let Pandora know, thereby improving their station and assuring that, in the future, the songs played on it will be more aligned to their tastes.

Nowadays, this type of “radio” (also known as a self-generating playlist) is standard for most streaming services (, Spotify, and iTunes’ internet radio being among the options). However, Pandora still reigns supreme in its home market, despite advancements made by its competitors.  One of Pandora’s shortfalls is its limited library of fewer than one million songs. Granted, each and every single song in its library has been tagged as having at least one of more than 2000 unique characteristics. This allows Pandora to have a pretty big edge on other radio services in terms of playlist quality.

Basically, Pandora knows what it’s doing. If you live in a place where it is available, use it.


  • Pandora definitely knows what it is doing. The way the service makes playlists from thin air far exceeds competitors’ offerings


  • Pandora is only a place for internet radio, nothing more. In addition, Pandora’s library is smaller than other services’.

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