Is The ESP Snakebyte White Metal’s Next Greatest Guitar? An Unbiased Review 2022

Metallica’s James Hetfield designed the ESP Snakebyte White, and the most recent model was released in Korea last year. The Snakebyte, like any other standard guitar, has 22 frets, a 3-way switch, a neck volume, and a bridge volume. Sperzel locking tuners, Schaller strap locks, and EMG 81-60 pickups were standard on the older model.

However, the most recent specs include a set-neck construction, a 24.75″ mahogany body, an ebony fingerboard, LTD Locking Tuners, Tonepros Locking TOM Bridge & Tailpiece, and EMG JH SET Active Pickups.


  • The EMG-JH pickups help the guitar give out great sound quality with very little noise.


  • The EMG-JH pickups help the guitar give out great sound quality with very little noise.

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In Love With Metallica? In Love With Branding?

The EMG-JH pickups provide a very good sound quality for the guitar, with a lot of mid-crunch and growl of a passive pickup but the power and presence of an active EMG giving it a good sound for both distorted and cleaner sounds. The mid-tones are also very distinct.

The Snakebyte’s nut isn’t quite cut properly, so the B and E strings don’t run all the way through the notches, but it doesn’t appear to be a problem. The ESP Snakebyte White is a large guitar with a solid build. The shape is cleverly designed because the contours facilitate forearm placement, making it easier and more efficient for the guitarist to reach the higher frets.

The model does not include a tone dial; instead, the manufacturer has chosen to use two volume dials, one for each pickup. This will not satisfy some guitar players who want the traditional features of the guitar, but overall.Overall, the ESP Snakebyte White is a fantastic guitar that many heavy metal musicians would adore. The price is justified by the sound, appearance, and features. Although a few minor tweaks would have been nice, the guitar is nearly perfect in every way.

This particular guitar was set up to perfection when I first got it. I was very surprised just how well it was done. I have other guitars that have been set up by pros that aren’t as well set up as the Snakebyte came.

GUYS! TWO WORDS, AMAZING GUITAR! i have a Gibson Les Paul and a SG Standard, but i always wanted an ESP and this Snakebite IS LOVELY! a must have guitar!

Looks awesome, sounds and plays great, and is my go-to guitar now. One feature I really love is the locking tuners–string changes are quick and easy. Guitar now comes with JH signature EMG pickups. Go get it!

They took their time when it comes to making these, not a single nick or dent in the guitar. I found it on the lighter side to be honest, but that comes with an opinion and what not. Sitting with this guitar is pretty easy.

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