Is The Mapex Tornado Series Really Up To The Mark? A Review In 2022

Mapex Drums is a drum kits manufacturing company with several lines of well-reputed drums. The Mapex Tornado starter kit is UK’s best seller and is known to be ideal for beginners.

The 5-piece set is made up of 8-ply, 7.2mm shells that deliver a powerful high end and plenty of bottom end punch. It has a gleaming appearance and is intended to shine even in low light. The construction allows the tom drums to resonate freely and includes improved cymbals for increased sustain.

The hardware is double braced, so the kit can take a hard hit and still stay in place. The overall package, which includes a 5-piece drum set, cymbals, and hardware, ensures that it can be played right away. It comes with wrap finishes in electric blue, black, and burgundy.


  • New upgrades including drum heads,
  • remo skins,
  • improved stands,
  • bass drum pedal and higher quality lugs,
  • at the same old price are a great attraction.
  • Improved sound quality.


  • Extra cash required for setting up and tuning if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

Editor Rating


One Of The Best Drum Kits For Beginners

It comes in two sizes: 20 Fusion and 22 Rock. Many beginners are perplexed by the difference between the two types of drum kits. Young drummers may prefer a Fusion drum kit due to its smaller size. It produces a constricted and focused sound, but they are more versatile professionally. You can rock out on it by tuning it down, or you can hit the higher end for a jazzy or funk feel. The Rock setup, on the other hand, is the standard combination and produces a more powerful and atmospheric sound. Less versatile, in my opinion, and better suited to larger sounds. The Tornado set also includes more lugs on the bass and tom drums to facilitate tuning. Remo’s heads are an additional feature that improves the sound and lasts longer. The redesigned badge and logo head are also very appealing, leaving nothing to be desired.

The Mapex Tornado drum kit offers excellent value for money and remains affordable even after upgrades. According to many, it has far outpaced the rest of the beginner drum sets on the market! Overall, it’s a fantastic kit for beginning drummers.

It is by Far the BEST Real Life, Branded Drum Kit Available for a Starter Drummer and the only one we seriously recommend.

Love my kit! So glad I came across drum stop who talked me through this kit! I was just about to buy another beginner kit too! Don’t bother with any other beginner drum kits! This one is THE BEST!

The Mapex Tornado always has been the best starter drum kit out there.

“The Mapex Tornado has been upgraded yet again making it even better value for money than ever before! I honestly didnt think this was going to remain the same price as the previous Tornado with the amount of upgrades that have been done, but yep.. it has!

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