Listen To Free Music On The Largest Internet Radio: Review 2022

Live365 has gained popularity due to its simple design, vast selection of music stations, ability to allow users to be Radio Jockeys and host their own stations, and capacity to function even on the slowest internet connection in the world!

A free internet radio station with a big number of streams and a diverse range of genres that allows the listener to enjoy any kind of music at their leisure!


  • Easy to use interface, runs on any internet connection with speeds as low as 16kbps! Huge variety of music genres. Has a simple android app which too can stream music on slow data networks like GPRS and EDGE!


  • There will be a person saying “Live365” every few minutes into your ears. There are frequent commercials interrupting your experience, but its not very intrusive, It is bearable!
  • Hosting a radio station to serve many listeners can be expensive for an individual.

When it comes to free streaming music, there are a few websites that spring to mind, one of which is This is one of those websites. I’m the kind of person that can’t recall the names of any bands or artists that I’ve heard. I’m not going to bother trying to recall much of the music. In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed while searching for music, I have created a checklist to help me. A large number of you, I am sure, have become tired of listening to the same piece of music on your playlist again and over and over again. There is always fresh music being aired across hundreds of internet radio streams on Live365, so you will never get bored! I’m not exaggerating when I say thousands! Live365 offers more than 30,000 radio stations that cover a wide range of musical genres and styles. Here, I bring to you the review, which is based on a thorough investigation of the site.

The most crucial aspect of every website that determines whether it succeeds or fails is the user experience. Even though Live365 did not have a very attractive design a few years ago, I found it intriguing because of the vast amount of music that was accessible to me, all of it freely and legally! My previous music provider was, but when they started requesting money from me and interfering with my music experience, I was forced to switch to Live365. There were other other websites with a similar design that had their own internet radio system, but none offered as many genres as this one.

The user experience is dependent on a number of elements, including browser compatibility, smartphone capabilities, stream rate, and so on. Live365 seems to have passed with flying colours. The site has been accessible and usable on any browser for the last four years, and I’ve never had an issue with it. It was always efficient and seamless. The website design is incredibly straightforward; it goes right to the point and allows you to listen to music in seconds or less. There is no registration hoopla, and there are no free trials that restrict your experience in any way. Although there are advertisements on the site, they are not overly intrusive and are necessary to keep the site running, so you should be aware of this before complaining.

You are greeted with a simple homepage where it asks you to search for any kind of music that you might be looking for. Web Player And General Interface

The web player on the desktop remains on the right while you can browse any other channel or page that you wish.

I was able to utilise Live365 on my smartphone without any issues. Where I reside, I do not have access to a very fast HSDPA connection on my phone. All I receive is a sluggish EDGE connection with a data throughput of just 113kbps. What a pleasant surprise it was to discover that Live365 worked well on such a sluggish connection! It went without a hitch. Live365 offers a variety of radio stations with varying stream speeds. Some operate at 128kbps, while others operate at 64kbps. Anywhere between 128kbps and 16kbps may be used! Determine which one would be most suitable for your internet connection based on your circumstances. If you are travelling in a vehicle, it is recommended that you stream your music at 64kbps or 128kbps; however, if you are stationary or have a fast WiFi connection, you may wish to go higher.

Live365 Android App

The above screenshot is the Live365 android app with radio stations listen in the “Chicago blues” genre. A simple app, gets the work done and lets you enjoy music without registration, unlike other websites.

With, you can do more than just listen to music; you can also create your own internet radio show. For a monthly charge of $4, you will get around 250MB of storage space to use for your own music, as well as the tools necessary to keep your station operating efficiently. Pay a little extra and you will get greater storage space as well as some other features. A basic $4 plan will allow you to have 5 basic mode listeners and 5 live mode listeners on your account at the same time. It will be discussed more below.) The more you play, the greater the number of “free” listeners you will be able to serve. For all plans, you may have an infinite number of VIP listeners. It’s just like being on a real radio station, except that you get to be a radio DJ and talk directly into the ears of your listeners for a modest fee!

Live365 Broadcast Plans

With a one-time payment of $100, you can acquire up to 6GB of storage space, as well as more than 250 basic mode listeners and 100 live mode listeners for your money. Although it is prohibitively expensive for a personal broadcaster, there are a significant number of professional radio stations that make use of these expensive plans.

When broadcasting on Live365, you have the option of using either the live mode or the basic mode. Live mode enables you to communicate in real time and broadcast from any location on the planet. The basic mode broadcast, on the other hand, just plays a pre-recorded loop of audio recordings.

You may be wondering what you should do if you want to keep a radio station that you like listening to. Preset is a feature that allows you to do just that. All that is required is that you make an account and log in. Then, seek for the symbol and click on it to proceed. You’ll most likely find it in the web player, which is often located on the left side of your computer screen.

Users have flocked to Live365 for a multitude of reasons, including its user-friendly design, a vast selection of music stations, the option to act as Radio Jockeys and host their own stations, and the capacity to function even on the slowest internet connection in the world!

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