Listen To Free Music On The Largest Internet Radio: Review 2021

Live365 has become popular because of its easy-to-use interface, a large variety of music stations, ability to let users be Radio Jockeys and host their own stations, and ability to run on the slowest internet connection in the world!

Internet radio website with a large number of streams and a huge selection of genres to let the listener enjoy any kind of music for free!


  • Easy to use interface, runs on any internet connection with speeds as low as 16kbps! Huge variety of music genres. Has a simple android app which too can stream music on slow data networks like GPRS and EDGE!


  • There will be a person saying “Live365” every few minutes into your ears. There are frequent commercials interrupting your experience, but its not very intrusive, It is bearable!
  • Hosting a radio station to serve many listeners can be expensive for an individual.

When it comes to free streaming music there are certain websites that come to my mind and among those is I am the kind of guy who does not remember any band or artist names. I do not bother to remember much of the song. So, when I want to listen to music I am confused about what to look for. I am sure that there are many of you who get bored of listening to some music on your playlist over and over again. Live365 is a site that will never get you bored because there is constantly some new music being broadcast over thousands of internet radio streams! By thousands, I really mean it! Live365 has more than 30,000 radio channels comprising a huge variety of genres. Here, I present to you the review by diving deep into the site.

User experience, the most important part that makes or breaks any website. A few years ago, Live365 did not have a great design, yet I found it interesting because of the wide variety of music available for me, all freely and legally! Prior to Live365, I was hooked up on, but when they began asking me for money and disrupting my music experience, I had to move. There were several other similar-looking websites that had their own internet radio system, but no one had as many genres.

User experience depends on various factors; compatibility with browsers, smartphone capability, stream rate, etc. Live365 seems to pass it all. Over the past 4 years, I never had any problem accessing and using the site on any browser. It was always fast and smooth. Website design is very simple, it gets straight to the point and lets you listen to music within seconds. There is no registration bull sh*t nor are there any free trials to limit experience. Although there are ads that are barely annoying and they keep the site running, so you should understand before complaining about it.

You are greeted with a simple homepage where it asks you to search for any kind of music that you might be looking for. Web Player And General Interface

The web player on the desktop remains on the right while you can browse any other channel or page that you wish.

I used Live365 on my smartphone without any problems. I do not have a super fast HSDPA connection on my phone where I live. All I get is a slow EDGE connection with a 113kbps data rate. I tried running Live365 on such a slow connection, and what a surprise! It worked smoothly. Live365 has radio stations with different stream rates. Some run at 128kbps, while some run at 64kbps. It can be anything between 128kbps and goes as low as 16kbps! Depending on your internet connection you may choose the one that would work for you. If you are out driving in a car, it is suggested that you stream your music at 64kbps or 128kbps and you might want to go higher when you are stationary or have a fast WiFi connection.

Live365 Android App

The above screenshot is the Live365 android app with radio stations listen in the “Chicago blues” genre. A simple app, gets the work done and lets you enjoy music without registration, unlike other websites.

Apart from listening to music, you can also host your own internet radio channel with You will get about 250MB of storage space to add in your own songs for a monthly fee of $4 and you will also get their tools to keep your station running. Pay a little more and you will get additional storage space and some more features. A basic $4 plan will let you have 5 basic mode listeners and 5 live mode, listeners. (We will talk about this in a moment) The more you play, the more “free” listeners you can serve. You can have unlimited VIP listeners for all plans. It is entirely like an actual radio station where you get to be a radio jockey and speak into your audience’s ears, for a small price!

Live365 Broadcast Plans

You can pay up to $100 and get up to 6GB of storage space with more than 250 basic mode listeners and 100 live mode listeners. It is expensive for a personal broadcaster, but there are professional radio stations in large numbers who do make use of these expensive plans.

While broadcasting on Live365, you can have two kinds of broadcast, live mode or basic mode. Live mode allows you to speak in real-time and broadcast from any location. Whereas the basic mode broadcast just plays a pre-recorded loop of audio tracks.

You may wonder, what to do if you want to save a radio station if you like it? For that, there is something called Preset. All you have to do is create an account and log in. Then, look for the symbol and press on it. You will often find it on the web player which is usually on the left side of your screen.

Live365 has become popular because of its an easy-to-use interface, a large variety of music stations, ability to let users be Radio Jockeys and host their own stations, and ability to run on the slowest internet connection in the world!

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