Logitech Speaker System Z623 Review 2022

The Logitech Speaker System Z623 comes in only one color style, that color being black. Amazingly the system comes with satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer. Satellite means that they are wireless and do not need to be connected to the main hub! This means you can place them anywhere in your house!

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✅ Best Logitech Z623 400 Watt Home Speaker System

The Best Computer Small Speaker System – First, the quality of the sound is pure: low distortion, no peakiness, and room-filling bass. Second, they have 200 watts RMS – an astonishing amount of power for speakers that cost just a tad over $100.; third, they are made of durable material that seems only to enhance the quality of the sound. You’ll be astonished by the depth and sheer power of the sub-woofer.

The main hub being the subwoofer has two knobs allowing you to control both the volume and the bass. With 200 watts (RMS) you can turn it up or down to make it as loud as you prefer. These speakers will not disappoint you,  not only do they work with computers but with TVs, music players, DVD players, iPods, and other audio sources with a 3.5 mm or RCA audio out.

This means it will work with PlayStation2, PLAYSTATION3, Xbox 360, or Wii using the AV cable that comes with your console. The THX-certified 2.1 speaker system will bring your music, movies, and games to life in immersive studio-quality audio which is great for that extreme gamer or movie fanatic looking for the best audio output.


  • The Logitech Speaker System Z623 is one of the better speaker systems on the market with its crisp, clean sound and great sounding bass.


  • Sound could be a little bit better.
  • Hardwired cables can complicate to setup.
  • No remote control.

Editor Rating


This is not a high end piece of audio gear. Once I let go of the idea that “THX approved” means anything tangible, I enjoyed these speakers for what they are: decent mid-priced computer speakers that more than get the job done for what they’re designed for. – Brian G.

So I’ve spent the past three days attempting to find something that I don’t like about these speakers. I’ve played every kind of music that I own (including spoken-word stuff), I’ve streamed video, I’ve streamed audio, I’ve checked nearly every single thing that I can consider. And yet, I’m still at the same place I was when I received them–they’re the best computer speakers I’ve ever owned. – David C.

If you use your computer for high quality sound, especially gaming or DVDs, these speakers may be a good choice. I tried this out with Brahms 4th Symphony and Return of the King and they produced great, crystal-clear sound, all the way up to top volume, which was loud as heck. Glen Q.

Overall, my music is more enjoyable and the rich bass does provide another dimension that was missing. Music feels more real and live. Well worth the money. – Mike W.

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