Looking For A Good High-End Studio Microphone? Manley Reference Cardioid Review 2022

The Manley Reference Cardioid is described as “expensive, high-end, and well worth the money.” In comparison to the U87, the Manley reference is an extremely high-end studio condenser that is a superb option. Its tone is pleasant, bright, and detailed, and it will sit well in a mix without the need for extensive EQing.

Because of the similarities between it and the gold reference series, it is often compared to it. The goal of this Manley Reference Cardioid review is to provide a high-end choice to professional studio owners who are eager to add to their collection of microphones and effects. It is mostly recognised for the purity and ‘crispiness’ of its sound.


  • Brilliant sound and adjusts well with all vocal tones (male and female)


  • Considerably pricy

Editor Rating

Sound Quality100%
Ease Of Use90%
Worth It?95%

Looking For A Good High-End Studio Mic?

Despite the fact that some may consider it too bright, the vast majority of artists and studio owners believe it is the greatest option available for voice recordings. For the most part, the sound of European antique tube microphones, such as the older U47, is used as a benchmark for determining what the Manley microphone truly sounds like in practise. Despite the fact that it is an expensive option, it is a worthwhile investment. Perhaps not for individuals who like music as a recreational activity, but most certainly for those who want to pursue a professional career in the field of music, whether as musicians or producers.

As Avril Lavigne, Randy Thomas, and the famed voice actor Don LaFontaine have all shown, the Manley Reference Cardioid is a versatile piece of equipment that has been utilised by a diverse range of great artists. It’s not simply the vocals that benefit from the rich tone of Manley Reference; the rich tone has also been used to record drum overheads, guitars, and other instruments.

However, as the names listed above demonstrate, there is much more to this microphone than the Manley reference has to give to all artists and studio owners who are looking for that’something’ in the tone of their music that will make it sound professional and just perfect for their audience!

I run a studio in Louisiana and let me tell you if I could only choose one mic, it would be my Manley reference cardioid.

I think it’s a really good mic. Also, I believe shania twain did her “come on over” album with the cardioid or the gold cardioid manley.

I want the vocals “crispy & in your face”.. don´t we all. The Manley Reference cardioid gives that IMO.

The thing that impresses me most is the clarity of the image throughout the frequency spectrum. The lows are tight and well defined while also being big. Many mics with big-bottoms can be muddy down there.

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