Looking For A New Acoustic Guitar? The Stylish Choice: Epiphone Dave Navarro Signature Review 2022

If you’re in the market for a new acoustic guitar, the Epiphone Dave Navarro Signature Acoustic is a gorgeous and elegant instrument that you should keep an eye out for. Epiphone is well-known for producing solid wood acoustics that are both inexpensive and excellent in sound. The guitar’s finish is ebony, and the neck is made of beautiful and strong mahogany, which is used in its construction.

The headstock and neck are both 14 degrees to ensure that the resonance is maintained. The use of wood in the construction and construction of the body contributes to the enhanced and steady resonance as well as the overall tone. The truss rod, which has been etched with the emblem of Dave Navarro “Jane” to serve as a signature, aids in the maintenance of individual string modifications. The dovetail connection, which is found at the 14th fret of the Dave Navarro Signature, allows the neck to be attached to the body of the guitar.


  • Extremely Rich Sound, Stylist Inlays, Great Finish, Guitar Mute option while tuning.
  • Artistically Beautiful Looking.


  • Very limited warranty.
  • Strings Buzz sometimes (can be fixed with setup).
  • Frets could be smoothened a bit more.

Editor Rating


The Elegant And Classy Signature Acoustic

It features an in-chromatic function that enables the user to mute the guitar while tuning or disconnecting it in order to prevent any excessive loudness during these operations. Furthermore, it has Treble and EQ Bass controls, a Master Volume control, a Dynamic EQ frequency shifter, and a switch to turn off feedback from the audio signal. The Nano flex design, which is a unique characteristic, is another advantage of this product.

Because of the high quality of sound and the construction of this instrument, the Dave Narro Signature acoustic guitar is a fine professional acoustic guitar, and its price is well justified. For live artists, its acoustic tone truly comes to life when connected into the appropriate amplifier! There is a limited guarantee on this guitar that lasts just a few years, which is a bit concerning given the producers’ desire to attract more customers by offering a limited warranty. The disadvantage is that individuals want to purchase things on their own terms and preferences rather than those dictated by others. For those searching for an acoustic guitar that would complement their existing collection while also adding some flare and a sophisticated tone, the Epiphone Dave Navarro Signature Acoustic is an excellent choice.

I found it great just a few flaws but quality is fabulous. I found some minor flaws while I was tuning it but I would recommend it because of its sound.

I invest it right. The price is nothing as compared to the great tones that come out of the guitar.

This guitar sounds bright. I like the built in tuner (battery is included) and have been impressed that it seems to stay in tune rather well – even after my less than stellar attempts at playing.

All around it’s a solid beast that as your sole acoustic, should last you a lifetime.

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