Looking For A Quality Sport Headphone For Running? Bose SIE2i Review 2021

The Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones review covers Bose’s first sport-focal in-ear headphones. The Bose SIE2i is a much brighter in-ear headphone than Bose’s other products. The SIE2i was created in collaboration with Reebok, the name doesn’t show up on the earphone but a Reebok armlet comes in the package with each and every set. A Reebok armband is provided so that you can carry the device with you easily, especially while exercising.

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✅ Best Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

Wow! This may save your hearing!

The flexible earpieces are comfortable! You won’t feel these when working out. Because they fit so well & don’t move, you can play music at a lower volume. Good for avoiding ear damage. The sound is great, super water-proof so no worries if you always sweat like crazy.


  • Bass quality, comfort, builds quality, design, Sound.


  • Even though secure, the ear tips have an open design that might not attract everyone.
  • Recent armlet not perfect for iPhone 5.
  • Design colours are not for everyone.

Editor Rating


A Worth Buying Convenient Earphone

This Bose SIE2i earpiece presents a few exercise-friendly traits and similar to many other sports earphones, they are rich in colour. The Bose SIE2i is available in the market in two colours; orange and green. Considering they don’t come in simple black, the present colour range might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The SIE2i produces a clear sound and dynamic audio with its TriPort acoustic headphone structure. A transmitter and remote control intensify the use of selected Apple gadgets.

To stress further; the Bose SIE2i sport earphones are particularly designed for exercise. They are sweat-resistant, stay conveniently and safely in place whilst delivering strong Bose sound to hold you at your tip. The recent package does not include a carrying case and the armlet provided isn’t a perfect fit for the iPhone 5 users. A feature that provides convenience and command over the music on your iPod or iPhone is that you can Skip a tune with just a push of the button, no need to touch your player – a high feature for runners.

For iPhone users, there is also an inline transmitter for receiving calls and switching smoothly between music and calls. TriPort headphone technology brings a wide-range tone containing the deep natural sound that gives your music its beat. With the SIE2i you’ll feel in control without being shut off from your surroundings, it is a must-have when you’re running outside. Stay Hear tips adapt securely and comfortably to your ears, even during rough exercise routines. However, they have an open design which might not attract everyone. The speaker component is concealed with a hydrophobic cloth that keeps dampness out but lets sound goes through.

It’s great for working out both inside and outside. It’s not affected by sweat or rain. The colour makes it easy to find and my kids can’t take it and hide it easily. This product has Perfect fit and Stylish

Bose – SIE2i Sport Ear bud headphones – Orange – I can now carry just one set of earphones when I travel. They are great for the plane, office, or gym. Works great on my iPad, iPod touch and Nano, and by Blackberry.

This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loves it. It Works and feels great.

I use these headphones for working out and they have been very good. I had previously tried headphones of similar size and they would always fall out my ears. The design of these really prevents the fall out issue.

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