Looking For Some Budget Home Studio Gear? Squier 4 Channel PA System [Compact] Review 2021

Are you a new band searching for a decent 4 channel PA system? This may be the thing for you!  Searching around, finally, something at an affordable price and of reasonable sound quality has been found.

This is great for band practice sessions or even small live gigs. It is not suggested if you have any more than a three-piece band, this is because it’ll be difficult to hear over loud instruments, especially drums.


  • Cheap
  • Great Tone
  • Light


  • Knobs difficult to make out
  • Not loud enough for big gigs

Editor Rating

Sound Quality67%
Ease Of Use68%
Worth It?95%

Need A Cheap 4 Channel PA System?

It’s a versatile little Sound system and is loud for 80 watts. It’s the best value for money, maybe not the best in terms of sound quality but for the price, it cannot get much better than this. If you’re looking for a higher quality of sound then it is probably suggested that you spend quite a lot more on something more expensive. It doesn’t have very many effects apart from reverb that you can add to the mixer. Looking around many people were pleased with just the one effect because they thought that the tone of the system was nice and crisp.

The only problem that seems to be a common occurrence is the fact that the labels of the knobs are very difficult to see so you have to guess what each one means. This 4 channel PA system was originally released around 2006 and is still used as of today for its reliability and satisfactory sound. It is debatable whether it’s suitable for a professional band but if you are just starting out is probably the best option that you can take.

If you want a system to do small events with a decent volume, a  nice smooth sound that is light on weight and price then this is a nice little system.

This system has an excellent sound to it and the reverb is awesome. My acoustic guitar has an excellent crisp tone to it and if you add a little reverb it just adds to the package.

I am able to get a great sound out of this system. My rating is based on using an SM-58 mic. Oh, and it gets loud. The system is perfect for a band, even with a drummer.

There aren’t any spectacular features but if you are just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot this is right for you.

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