Looking For Some Gear For Your Home Studio? The Best Cheap Laptop For Music Production 2022

The best cheap laptop for music production is hard to find because when it comes down to it, everyone has different price ranges. Generally, a laptop will offer less performance than a music production desktop in the same price range. So, choose wisely!

Best Budget Laptop For Music Producer: Dell Flagship 15.6 Inch

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✅ Best Dell Inspiron 15.6 Inch HD Touchscreen Flagship Laptop

Great little laptop – Thankfully, the listing has been updated to state no optical drive. . The touch screen is great. The picture is great. Having a solid state drive is GREAT. Lightning fast even with the bloated, resource hog known as Windows 10.

Why Dell Flagship 15.6 Inch?

With the ability to max out, the RAM plus an extra SSD, this cheap music production laptop will tune your audio production skills. Moreover, it has enough power to handle anything. You can just throw at it in a home production studio.

This budget laptop for music production is well under $1000, which is great for the quality! Plus, you can upgrade it via the extra bay so you get the latest, fastest Intel Skylake processor. Whats more! The Amazon reviews for this Dell are great! For these reasons, the Flagship is the best cheap laptop for music production!

Dell Flagship 15.6 Inch Specs

  • CPU: Central Processing Unit is the main factor when buying the best cheap laptop for music production. Make sure to go for i5 or i7 Intel processors and preferably aim for a +6000 CPU Benchmark. Two ideal CPU performance scores for music production are i7–4720HQ and  i7-4810MQ.
  • HDD: Hard Disk Drive. Another big factor for music production HDD’s is hosting audio files and sound libraries. You will need a 1+ TB HDD. Any traditional 7200 RPM HDD should serve you well, given large SSD’s are still prohibitively expensive. SSD storage is much faster than its HDD equivalent but also more expensive.
  • RAM: 8 GB is the minimum, but you might want to go up to 16 GB if you have a huge library ,or if you use a lot of VST- plugins. If you are not sure how much RAM you will need, the best choice will be to buy a laptop that allows you to expand the RAM from 8Gb to 16GB.
  • Soundcard: The sound cards that come with most cheap laptops for producing music rarely handle music production well. You will eventually have to upgrade your soundcard. If you want a professional studio setup it shouldn’t be a priority in your choice of a music production laptop.

Focus on getting the fastest processor you can afford

The Dell Flagship has the Intel i7 dual core processor. It’s standard, with 8GB RAM, which is the bare minimum for most DAWs. There is also a slot inside that allows you to add a second hard-drive for even faster drive performance. Place a SSD in that extra bay, this way your software and DAW can run on the 256GB SSD for maximum performance and you can use the extra hard drive to store samples and so on.

In the budget department, there’s always going to be a problem with the best cheap laptop for music production. The main things you need to address are RAM, drive speed, and processor speed. My pick comes with 8GB RAM which is the minimum suggested for most DAWS. Moreover, you would have to upgrade it after awhile.

Checkout my homepage for the best laptops for producing music! Thanks for reading!

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