Loopmasters Sample Boutique Review: An Online Library For Music Producers 2022

It is possible to purchase and download sample packs in several formats from ‘The Sample Boutique’, which contains songs from a variety of producers from the Loopmasters sample collection. Those working in the music, television, and multimedia industries may find the directory useful, as will organisations or people that compose audio tracks using recording software and samplers.


  • Has a multiple search feature, colourful pictures and many products to choose from.


  • The pages can be crowded with info which is confusing to new users as there is no instructions on how to use the site.

Is Loopmasters The Best Option For Royalty Free Samples?

After examining a large number of soundtracks, I discovered that many composers rely on pre-recorded samples to generate razor-sharp rhythms, some of which are of poor quality and detract from the overall quality of the final mix. While doing some research, I came across a website called Loopmasters.com.

Loop Masters has evolved into a company that specialises in maintaining a database of varied electronic music sampler presets ranging from techno to drum and bass to reggae and beyond. The best part about this website is that all of the samples are royalty-free, which means they are completely free to use in your track, as opposed to using someone else’s original music to remix. You would then be responsible for paying royalties to the original author. You will almost certainly receive a digital download and the option of numerous formats with presets to popular samplers such as Kontakt, Battery, EXZ, Halion and the NN-xT. It is also compatible with Apple loops, Ableton lives packs, and REX 2 among many other things if you purchase from Loopmasters.

The audio quality is the standard 44.1 kHz/24 bit that is found in most audio products. I believe that this website would be a valuable source of high-quality sample packs for all of the DJs out there who utilise samples to assist them in creating their own masterpieces. When it comes to music producers, it would undoubtedly increase their output rate since all of the formats accessible to them are compatible with the common equipment that is used by the majority, saving them time and effort compared to other websites that do not provide various possibilities.

Is Loopmasters Recommended?

When you visit the website, it is rather simple to locate precisely what you are searching for, thanks to excellent photographs of each sample pack as well as brief samples of the songs. As you can see on this page, some of them even come with a demo from the original developer who walks you through the patterns that are provided.

All sample packs are organised in a logical manner, so if you are looking for a certain sample in the Dubstep genre, you will find it quite simple to locate using the convenient search option. Once you’ve used it, you’ll understand how large the library is and how many options there are to pick from. The site is quite well-designed in contrast to other similar sites, and it is something that soundreview.net recommends to all of the producers out there in general.

Those looking for a little something extra may visit loopblog.net, which has lessons on how to utilise various tools and applications, which can be valuable to both experienced and novice users who are looking to acquire a new skill. Additionally, there is a linked website called pluginboutique.com, which is excellent if you are just starting out in the music business because it provides high-quality software for editing music with detailed intuition in the form of text and videos, which is great if you are just starting out in the music business.

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