Loud Speakers Q Acoustics Concept 20 Review 2022

Q Acoustics is a small independent British company established in 2006 which manufactures loudspeakers. They are known to design and produce high-quality speakers at a reasonable rate. Their range of products has had outstanding success and has a genuine appealing sound.

The Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers system is their latest and highly appraised product which is designed in a rather impressive and clever method. It uses the box within a box concept in which the outer and inner enclosures are separated by a compound called Gel core. This compound aids in canceling resonances and turns the sound energy created by noise into heat effectively creating a cabinet within a cabinet.

However, this design is very solid and does not give a hollow effect due to the double layers. The speakers also come with a pair of matching stands that incorporate the Gel core mechanism. The overall combination of the speakers with the stands gives it a very elegant outlook and feels solid at the same time.


  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Resonance free.
  • Sleek but strong build and design.
  • Excellent gloss finish stands.


  • The stands are extra pay items but they are a must have in order to achieve the optimum results by the Concept 20.

Editor Rating


Q Acoustics’ Innovative Cabinet Speakers System

Coming to the sound quality, the Q Acoustics Concept 20 has given outstanding results as compared to other speakers in the same price range. The sound output is clean, detailed, and remarkably clear. The mid-range tones and trebles are especially clear while using Q Acoustic’s Concept 20, unlike other brands where the sound gets lost in the mixture. Another excellent feature of this product is its response when connected with other gadgets.

Concept 20 has high-end performance and excels in all aspects of quality and results. It has left its competitors far behind who will have to rack their brains to come up with a product as good as this. Although small in size the new Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers leave a lasting impression on their listeners.

You find yourself immersed in the middle of a vast stereo soundstage.

Exceptionally clean controlled and detailed.

I could spend hours listening to the Q Acoustics and come away marveling at what they do but in this one deeply subjective area that some people have no real concern with, I found they couldn’t always deliver the knockout punch.

Q Acoustics have produced an excellent sounding product for a price that is very hard to beat. The build quality is flawless, and the finish will make this product stand out from the crowd.

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