LXK2 Little Martin Review: A Small Acoustic Guitar For Travellers 2022

The Martin LXK2 Little Martin is a small acoustic guitar featuring a Hawaiin Koa high-pressure laminate body with a pattern textured finish top, back and sides. It has a low oval stratabond neck, a 20 frets fingerboard made from Solid Morado or Solid East Indian Rosewood. Martin’s patented neck mortise and Gotoh nickel-plated tuners add up to its top quality.

With a scale length of 23”, it delivers a great tone in comparison to other small and even full sized acoustics available in the market. Its bass is full and rich with a complemented treble supplement. The most liked aspect of this guitar is its high quality sound and intonation, although miniature in size Martin LXK2 Little Martin sounds like heaven.


  • Great sound for its small size.
  • Portable.
  • Stays in tune.


  • Reportedly there is a slight buzzing if played above the fifth fret.

A High Quality Compact Guitar

TheMartin LXK2 Little Martin comes with a padded gig bag and with its petite dimensions it is very suitable for traveling and touring musicians to carry around where ever they go. Due to its light weight and portable feature it is preferred by its owners over other bulkier options; it also fits into the overhead compartment of airplanes so you won’t miss playing it while being away from home. Not only does it fit its role as a traveling or camping small acoustic guitar, it is also is the number one choice for children and beginner students, making it ideal for those learning to become guitarists.

Maybe not for professional musicians, but it’s definitely a good buy for hobby musicians who don’t mind a compact size but have a good sense of sound and tone. Martin LXK2 Little Martin is available for a decent price of £329, which can be afforded by all guitar enthusiast and learners looking for a quality sound and professional body. So if you are looking for a travel guitar with good sound quality and slightly high priced but worth the trouble then you should go for Martin LXK2 Little Martin. As for professional and studio musicians, this is just something to keep at home or probably carry over to some friend’s place for a casual party jam!

Six years, seven countries, five continents, zero problems. Fantastic axe. Just about everyone who plays it loves it

I wanted a guitar I could carry to and from school, and this one fits the bill. It sounds great!

To top it all off, it’s easily portable and is also available as an acoustic/electric. Way to go Martin!

This guitar is built like a tank, and stuffs easily in the overhead bin when I fly. Just a slight set up adjustment, Tusq pins, and Elixer Mediums and I was good to go.

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