Mapex Tornado VS Mapex Voyager (Best Drum Set Review 2022)

Mapex drum kits are well-known both in the United Kingdom and internationally. Their 5-piece drum kits are perfect for beginning drummers and are the first choice for many others as well. The Mapex Tornado and the Mapex Voyager are two of their basic drum kits that we will be evaluating today.

Best Mapex Drum Set

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Great value and price for a beginner set. – Different types of woods produce different sounds throughout their lows, mids, and highs. The harder the wood the better. Both maple and birch wood are noted and these woods have different positive attributes, while poplar wood (this is the wood that was initially used when drums were first made), has the attributes of both maple and birch wood. This set is made out of poplar :). 

The package comes with cheap starting sticks, I would recommend buying some better quality sticks ahead of time.

This Mapex Rebel 5-piece drum set is the best-selling Mapex drum set on Amazon, and it’s no surprise why. It includes with all of the necessary hardware and cymbals, so you can start playing straight away without any further effort. A primary goal of the rebel series is to provide first-time drummers with an unforgettable experience. Several stands, cymbals, a seat, pedals, and even sticks are included in the package! The 9-ply shell produces a wide range of tones, and the bass drum has a strong low-end punch that complements the overall sound.

  • Rebel double braced hardware
  • Mapex lug design
  • Remo self muffling bass drum head
  • Cymbals
  • Throne
  • Sticks
  • 22”x16” Bass drum with mount
  • 16”x14” Floor tom
  • 10”x7” Tom
  • 14”x5” Snare
  • Floor tom legs
  • 14” hi-hat
  • 16” Crash/ride cymbal

It’s a standard-sized kit, but it includes a smaller base drum and shallow toms, which allows it to be readily scaled down to fit the size of a child’s body. On YouTube, you may view footage of children playing with the kit to get a sense of how it might suit a child’s hands. The kit is appropriate for children aged 7 and older.

The Mapex Tornado Drum Kit Review

The Mapex Tornado starting kit is comprised of eight-ply, 7.2mm shells that provide a strong top end while still providing adequate bottom end punch. In addition to upgraded cymbals for increased sustain, the structure allows for unrestricted resonation of the tom drums themselves.

It can withstand as much hard hammering as you can throw at it since the hardware is doubly braced, ensuring that the kit will stay in one piece. The complete package, which includes the 5-piece drum kit, cymbals, and hardware, guarantees that it is ready to use right out of the box.

The Mapex Tornado is available in three different wrap finishes: electric blue, black, and burgundy. It also includes more lugs on the bass and toms, which makes tuning the drums much easier. Remo heads are another modification that improves the tone and endurance of the instrument. In spite of all of the modifications, the kit is still quite reasonably priced for the purchasers!

The Mapex Voyager Drum Set Review

Now, moving on to the Mapex Voyager, the 8-piece shell pack is constructed entirely of basswood. The shells and snares are constructed of poplar and are available in a variety of finishes, including Road Tuff. Along with double-braced hardware and cymbals, the Voyager series has several characteristics with the Tornado series.

Because the hardware is very heavy-duty, it will not be readily dismantled. The Mapex Voyager has a powerful and assertive sound that draws you in. The tone gets more sustained when some more tweaking is done. Beginning drummers may find this a bit of a headache, but as the saying goes, everything has its positive side. As you get more expertise, you will learn how to tune the drums properly according to the desired sound.

The kit is sensitive and adaptable, and it provides tones that are more concentrated rather than booming in their output. This product comes at an affordable price for people on a tight budget.

My Opinion

After everything is said and done, if you want my opinion, I would recommend the Mapex Tornado, despite the fact that it does not come in a variety of finish and size choices. The birch shells are excellent and provide a better sound than the popular ones that are used in the Voyager series. The cymbals are of higher quality and will not need to be replaced very soon. It is for this same reason that the Tornado is one of the best-selling entry-level drum kits in the United Kingdom and is highly recommended by many professional dealers and musicians.

How To Choose The Best Drum Set For Beginners?

The following are some considerations to bear in mind while selecting the best drum kit for beginners. First and foremost, the size of the package is critical. Most starter drum sets have a diameter of roughly 22 inches, so make sure you have adequate storage room for them. Second, it is essential to choose a drum set that is simple to learn how to play. So be sure to get a beginner drum set that includes easy-to-follow instructional materials and tutorials, and that it is appropriate for your requirements. In addition, be certain that the drum set you purchase is long lasting and will serve you well for a long time.

Follow these steps to choose the best starter drum set for yourself or your kid:


The quality of the drum set will determine how much it costs. The least expensive all-in-one sets come with a few warnings.

If you are looking for an affordable option to play around on, you can find a bundle that includes everything they need. The least expensive option is an all-inclusive bundle, but you’ll want to verify what’s included in the package. A drum set needs shells (the actual drums), cymbal stands, cymbals, a bass drum pedal and a throne to be fully functional.


If you are a first-time buyer, new kits are probably a better option. However, if you have a drummer friend that is willing to help you with checking out the used kits, it may be worth the effort.

Although used drum sets can be less expensive, first-time buyers may find that they are overwhelmed by the number of choices and options. New drum sets offer several advantages, such as warranties, and you can be sure that the kit has not been abused.


If you love playing your instruments, you get better faster. Having a set of drums that looks cool, feels comfortable for long hours, and excites you can make it that much more fun to sit down and play.


If you’re shopping in person, the salesperson may tell you that it will save you money, in the long run, to buy decent hardware upfront. They may also suggest that for cymbals, you should get something from a name-brand company like Zildjian, Paiste, or Meinl. While these brands are well-known, there are other good options available that are less expensive.


Entry-level drum kits from big-name brands can be of decent quality and can save you from having to assemble a set from a la carte pieces. Just like the big guitar brands have affordable sub-brands, the big names in drums have entry-level models that are usually quality.

If you’re looking for a drum kit that includes hardware and shells, be sure to check whether or not it includes cymbals and a throne. Many mid-range kits don’t include these accessories, so you’ll need to purchase them separately.

If you’re including cymbals in your kit, make sure they have a brand name – you don’t want unmarked cymbals.


All of the major drum companies produce great beginner kits. It is generally recommended that you stick to the best-known drum brands: Ludwig, Tama, Pearl, Slingerland, Sonor, DW/PDP, Gretsch, and Mapex are all trusted brands.

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