Mapex Voyager Review 2022: Is It Good For Beginners?

Mapex Drums company is known to manufacture a variety of quality drums. They even say that Mapex is “the drummer’s other voice”, so all drummers should totally check it out. The Mapex Voyager is an ideal kit for a start.


  • Fair price.
  • Good sound.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The cymbals need upgrading.

Editor Rating


Drum Set Aimed For Beginners

It’s made from 100% basswood and once you tune it right, it will sound great. It is an 8-piece shell pack. The shell pack features two 22 x 16″ kick drums, 8 x 7″, 10 x 8, and 12 x 9″ toms, 14 x 14″ and 16 x 16″ floor toms, and 14 x 5-1/2″ snare stand.  From the Remo UX drumheads, the bass drumhead is self-muffling, therefore very handy. The finishing is road tuff covered. A 330 series, double-braced, black hardware pack is present.

The hardware is heavy-duty and very durable so the player does not have to worry about buying a new piece any time soon. If you want, you can get the Mapex 5 piece cymbals included too. All the shells and the snares included are constructed of 100% poplar and available in durable Road Tuff finishes. The cymbals are boom, straight, and hi-hat stands. There is a two-kick pedal with white drumheads. A throne is included and there are 1.5mm steel flanged hoops too. The new Mapex logo on it is very catchy. You even get a warranty on shells and a 5-year limited warranty on hardware which is great.

The sound of the Mapex Voyager is resonant and bold. After some tuning, the tone becomes more sustained so as you become more experienced, you will know how to tune the drums perfectly according to the required sound. Overall there are no issues with the sound. Since the kit is not too big and heavy, it is portable. This is a perk not enjoyed by most drum kit owners. This kit is responsive and versatile and offers tones that are focused, thereby helps to give the beginner an opportunity to practice his or her way up to a professional.

For its size and price its an excellent deal. You would make no mistake in buying this

Really is a nice beginner set for the price cymbals are so so but hardware is nice quality compared to some other beginner kits out there

Great sound and value from this beginner set. I enjoy hearing my 13 yr old work on this set.

Built very well. Kudos to mapex for coming out with this set

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