Music Equipment Store Review 2022:

zZounds is superior to many other stores because it is simple to buy items and you can view verified buyer ratings. It’s similar to a musician’s pal… Unless those two sites are linked…


  • zZounds has many of it’s competitors beat with it’s easy-to-use site.


  • People residing outside of the US and associated territories can’t take advantage of their offerings.

Music Equipment Fast And Easy

Magix may be the place to go for all your software needs, but without good solid music equipment to go with it, creative artists may as well be throwing their money away when they buy some. Fortunately, companies like zZounds Music exist to fill the void. With over 600,000 “Fanatically Happy Customers,” zZounds claims that word-of-mouth recommendations are their primary source of publicity.

It’s pretty clear from their homepage where their success stems. Visitors to are encouraged to browse their offerings by item type or brand. Because brand names are more important to some people than others, this feature makes it simple for potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. The search feature works well, and the website layout, while not particularly flashy, is functional. zZounds does not rely on gimmickry because it does not need to; they provide what customers require in an understandable manner.

People looking to buy music equipment online can easily find other websites (such as to do so, but zZounds has the vast majority of them beat with their clean layout and sales that are easy to find but not intrusive. Customers can expect to receive their equipment within one to four business days after placing an order. Unfortunately, musicians who live outside of the United States or associated territories (for example, US Military addresses and the Republic of Palau) will be unable to use their services.

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