Music Junkie’s Essential: Online File-Sharing Site Soundcloud Review 2021

Soundcloud is a music file-sharing site similar to Youtube. Users can upload, record, and promote their work through Soundcloud.

Soundcloud is great music and audio-sharing website analogous to Youtube. It can hook you up on music for hours to come. In all, Soundcloud is a great cloud streaming service. Just go ahead, sign up and start listening to the music right away!


Soundcloud has always stuck to its core niche of music sharing. The social media features have just added a new taste to the entire music-sharing business.


Old music releases are very rare and hard to find. It does not allow you to download music tracks unless the uploader enables the feature, which is only available for Pro uploaders. You cannot edit on-the-spot recorded audio tracks.

The Rise Of Social Media

The growing dependence on social media, our second home, has led to various websites adopting the principles of social media websites like Facebook and YouTube. Along with that, there are also those file-sharing websites that allow you to upload files and let others download them. Before SoundCloud was born in 2007, there were video-sharing websites and file-sharing websites, the social media revolution was also on the rise. There were no music-sharing sites in existence at that time that were robust enough to provide a pleasant experience of free music! To fulfill this gap, SoundCloud took birth.

It is one of the most influential websites in the world. Those who listen to music or love to share music with others will definitely know about it. SoundCloud uses a system similar to YouTube; Upload, listen, share, comment! There is absolutely every genre of music available on SoundCloud. You can also find a huge variety of music tracks. There are artists who upload their own remixes or their own music creations. I have come across an organization that uses Soundcloud to share audio recordings from special meetings. Here, I present to you the Soundcloud review for those who do not know much about it.

How Does SoundCloud Work?

Soundcloud uses a very simple user interface. Easy to navigate and easy to get used to. If you don’t have any idea which music track to listen to, there is always a huge list of popular songs sitting right on the front page. Whenever you see a bar with an audio waveform, you know it is Soundcloud! If you don’t understand what I am saying, then the image below will convey that message.

One unique commenting feature on Soundcloud allows you to place a comment at a particular time instance on the track. Look at those small square icons along the track waveform in the image above. If you place your cursor on them, you can see the comment at that time instance.

SoundCloud also incorporates a feature allowing you to follow an uploader for obvious reasons. It also has the “repost” option which is analogous to the “share” feature on Facebook. It will post a certain track on your profile so that your followers can see it. You cannot forget the playlist feature. SoundCloud does have a playlist feature which is important when you want to listen to your favorite music without requiring you to manually search for it every time a track ends.

To this day, I cannot forget to mention the smartphone compatibility of SoundCloud. Smartphones as we know are vital for success in today’s world. If you do not have an app, then you are not completely utilizing your potential. SoundCloud does have a beautiful mobile-optimized web interface as well as a dedicated app. Both work excellently well and have all the features that you would get on a full desktop version. Here are some screenshots right off my phone.

There is one downside that I came across while using the website. When I wanted to upload music greater than 120 minutes, it asked me to upgrade my membership to Pro. So, you can share music with your friends, but there is a limit on how much you upload. Soundcloud also allows you to record directly and it will upload as you record, or there is always the file upload feature for you. You can upload audio files in all major formats like AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA.

Pro membership of Soundcloud allows the user to upload 4 hours’ worth of audio tracks. It also gives additional features like pinning your audio post to the top of your profile to gain more exposure for that particular track.

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