Music Junkie’s Essential: Online File-Sharing Site Soundcloud Review 2022

Soundcloud is a music file-sharing website that is comparable to YouTube in its functionality. Soundcloud allows users to post, record, and promote their own original content.

Soundcloud is a fantastic music and audio-sharing service that is similar to YouTube in many ways. It has the ability to keep you hooked on music for hours on end. Overall, Soundcloud is a fantastic cloud-based music streaming service. Please go to join up and begin listening to the music as soon as possible!


Soundcloud has always remained true to its original mission of music sharing. It is only recently that social networking aspects have been introduced to the music-sharing industry as a whole.


Old music releases are very uncommon and difficult to get by. If the uploader has not enabled the option, you will not be able to download music tracks. This feature is only accessible to Pro uploaders. It is not possible to edit audio tracks that have been recorded on the spot.

The Rise Of Social Media

Because of our increasing reliance on social media, which has become our second home, a number of websites have adopted the concepts of social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube. Along with that, there are file-sharing websites that allow you to upload files and then allow others to download them from your computer. Several video-sharing websites and file-sharing websites existed prior to the creation of SoundCloud in 2007. The social media revolution was also in its early stages when SoundCloud was founded in 2007. It was at that time that there were no music-sharing websites available that were reliable enough to deliver a pleasurable experience of free music! SoundCloud was created in order to fill this need.

It is considered to be one of the most influential websites on the internet. Those who like listening to music or who enjoy sharing music with others will undoubtedly be aware of it. SoundCloud operates on a similar model to YouTube: upload, listen, share, and discuss! On SoundCloud, you may find music from any genre imaginable to listen to. There is also a vast selection of music tracks to choose from. Artists that post their own remixes or original music productions are known as remixers or producers. I’ve stumbled across an organisation that makes use of Soundcloud to distribute audio recordings of special meetings with its members. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Soundcloud, I’ve included a review for those of you who are.

How Does SoundCloud Work?

Soundcloud has a fairly straightforward user interface. It’s simple to use and takes little time to become accustomed to. If you don’t know what music track to listen to, there is always a wide choice of popular songs right on the first page for you to choose from. Soundcloud may be identified by the presence of a bar with an audio waveform. If you don’t comprehend what I’m saying, the graphic below will help you grasp what I’m trying to express.

Soundcloud has a unique commenting function that enables you to leave a remark at a specific point in the track’s timeline. Take a look at the little square icons that appear along the track waveform in the picture to the right. If you hover your mouse over them, you will be able to view the remark that was made at that particular moment.

SoundCloud also has a function that allows you to follow an uploader, which is understandable given the nature of the service. The “repost” tool, which is equivalent to the “share” feature on Facebook, is also available on this platform. The programme will upload a certain tune to your profile so that your followers may listen to it. The playlist option is an absolute must-have. SoundCloud does provide a playlist option, which is useful if you want to listen to your favourite music without having to actively search for it every time a track finishes, as is the case with many streaming services.

The fact that SoundCloud is compatible with smartphones is something I can’t get out of my head. Smartphones, as we all know, are essential for achieving success in today’s society. The absence of an app means that your potential is being underutilised. A gorgeous mobile-optimized browser interface, as well as a dedicated mobile app, are both available on SoundCloud. Both function flawlessly and include all of the features that you would find on a full desktop edition of the software. Here are a few screenshots taken from from my phone.

When I was using the website, I noticed one disadvantage that I would like to mention. When I attempted to upload music that was longer than 120 minutes, it requested that I upgrade to a Pro membership level. As a result, you can share music with your pals, however the amount of music you can post is limited. Soundcloud also enables you to record straight into the platform and have it upload as you record, or you can use the file upload tool if you want. You may submit audio files in a variety of formats, including AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA. You can also upload video files in a variety of formats, including AVI, MP4, and MOV.

Soundcloud Pro membership permits the user to upload audio tracks that are 4 hours or longer in length. Moreover, it provides extra features such as the ability to pin your audio post to the top of your profile in order to obtain greater exposure for that specific track.

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